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Tuition Fees: Where do the Two Main Parties Stand?

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Conservatives Theresa May has pledged to cap tuition fees at the current rate of £9,250 a year, as well as raising the earning threshold for beginning repayments from £21,000 to £25,000 a year. She has also promised a review of higher education and student funding in the long term, with … Read More

As Maduro Strangles Democracy, Corbyn Needs To Step Up

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Withering assessment on @BBCNewsnight of @jeremycorbyn's words today from Labour's own sister party in Venezuela... how can he ignore this? pic.twitter.com/xXIPYIbuVy— Harry Cole (@MrHarryCole) August 7, 2017 In recent days, things have slid from questionable democracy to outright dictatorship in Venezuela. Just this weekend, the new constituent assembly silenced Luisa ... Read More

If you want to win the youth vote, you’ve got to speak their language

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“Children are to be seen and not heard”, so goes the idiom. And so goes the Tory party’s strategy towards young voters as well, according to their 2017 election campaign. If the Tories want to know why they so categorically failed to gain their predicted landslide, then the party needs … Read More

Reactions to Corbyn

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There’s a lot to be said for breaking out of the echo chamber. With this in mind, I accepted a friend’s suggestion of seeing Jeremy Corbyn’s much publicised visit to the Brundell Social Club on Monday. While it didn’t win me over (which in fairness to the man was a … Read More

Corbyn’s demise and the politics of personality

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Since Corbyn’s re-election in September, it’s been guaranteed that a phone conversation with my 49 year old, North Walian working class mother with a keen eye for realist, anti-Tory politics will end sour.  The conversation will begin with good intentions; we’ll discuss the weather and gush over our dog, but … Read More

Corbyn struggling to Copeland

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Recently, Jeremy Corbyn attempted a political stunt by releasing his tax return and challenging the chancellor to do the same. On paper, it was a smart move, especially as Labour was in need of something to distract media attention away from its devastating loss in the Copeland by-election. This being … Read More

Coup number two

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Peter Mandelson, Labour Lord and former Labour MP, recently explained that “every single day” he is doing something small to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, to get rid of him as leader as soon as possible. John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, has now claimed that there is a new behind-the-scenes coup going on … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump is no Jeremy Corbyn

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Since Donald Trump won the Presidential election there has been a lot of, I believe, lazy comparisons between him and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Whilst, as I will argue, they are similar in the sense of both being unfit for office, there is a significant difference between them, namely one … Read More

How do you like your democracy, whipped?

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It seems that, on January 19th, Jeremy Corbyn awoke feeling that he had entirely too much support from what is left of the Labour party and that his shadow cabinet was simply held together too well. He set about righting these wrongs by announcing that he will impose a three-line … Read More

Political Party Clash: Central for Corbyn?

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MP for Leeds Central, Hilary Benn, has long been an opponent of the ever-popular Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Hilary Benn was one of the first casualties of Corbyn’s clean-up of his party, sacked as shadow foreign secretary and prompting a wave of MPs to resign in protest to Corbyn’s … Read More