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Why Is The Palm Oil Advert Banned?

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Iceland’s Christmas Advert regarding the impacts of deforestation on Palm Oil should absolutely not be banned. Rather, it should be spread on social media, in papers, and on television. This is for two main reasons: firstly, the environmental importance of saving the rainforests and orangutans should be made known to … Read More

Trees die. Let’s plant some more

2 years ago / 0 comments

On Monday America’s oldest oak tree – located in a New Jersey Presbyterian churchyard – was felled, bringing an end to a life that had spanned 600 years. Yes, it hadn’t reached the age of the Big Belly Oak in Wiltshire’s Royal Hunting Forest, or Nottinghamshire’s The Major Oak – … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Ecosia: is this the way to end deforestation?

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For obvious reasons, the issues surrounding deforestation will not vanish overnight. With Ecosia, though, the problem could shrink faster than the forests have. Ecosia is the search engine that claims to plant trees through searches. Their aim is to end deforestation; ad revenue goes towards the planting of new trees. … Read More