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University Poised To Introduce GPA System

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Following participation in a successful Higher Education Academy pilot scheme, The University of Leeds is considering the possibility of introducing a grade point average system. The GPA system would run concurrently with the traditional degree classification system, but where the latter does not consider first year grades in its final marks, the GPA system does. Whilst possible timings for … Read More

“Fast-track” for your money back?

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As you may or may not know, the UK government is trying to introduce fast-track university degrees nationwide. The policy was a key focal point of the new Higher Education and Research Act, which was pushed through by parliament just prior to the snap election last June. The idea behind … Read More

Four Year Degrees: the Answer to Britain’s Skills Shortage?

1 year ago / 0 comments

Over-specialisation at an early age is one reason behind Britain’s ongoing skills shortage, according to a former minister. Lord Willetts, a former minister for education, has claimed that the introduction of four year degrees would give students more of an opportunity to decide which course is right for them.  The … Read More

The ‘Micky Mouse’ degree: media degrees deserve more credit

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Amidst the plethora of essays that I’m currently working on (supposed to working on, anyway), it is difficult to take out time to pen down something. Yes, let us go back to the time when writing was romanticized by the traditions of pen and paper – a writer can dream! I … Read More

Why I hate the word ‘networking’

2 years ago / 0 comments

I am a Literature student at University of Leeds. My life revolves around novels, plays and stacks of colour-coded notebooks. Last year, studying and getting used to living somewhere new was enough. But this time around, I am entering my second year, and suddenly just studying doesn’t seem so important. … Read More

The Arts: worth it or worthless?

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The idea that a Bachelor of Arts degree is useless is by no means a new one. For years the debate between choosing to study something you love, or studying something that will earn you money has been at the forefront of every prospective university student’s mind. But where does … Read More

How to get into fashion without a degree in fashion

4 years ago / 0 comments

Sometimes it is too late once you have committed to a degree and half way through realizing you want to go into fashion. You can’t really swap or you don’t know what bit of fashion you want to do. Is it fashion journalism or styling? Or do you actually want … Read More

Buy a First Class Degree

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25.01.13 An investigation by Leeds Student has found that the University has no fail-proof way to detect whether students have bought their essays online. Current technology can only detect when content has been submitted elsewhere. If a student bought an essay never previously submitted, it could go unnoticed. Talking to … Read More