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The Lion King 2019: Is Cashing In On Nostalgia Always A Bad Thing?

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As the many fans of Disney’s The Lion King get ready for the 2019 release of the remake and relive the epic story that has moved so many, I am stepping in to question the criticism that it has been receiving in the media. I challenge a Lion King fan … Read More

Ralph Breaks The Internet Is Sweet Without Being Saccharine

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At first glance, ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ seems to be a brightly coloured, cleverly animated and tooth-achingly sweet story about two best friends that go on a rampant adventure around the internet. While it is all these things, the film is truly a tale about the sacrifices and heartbreak friendships … Read More

Problematic Damsels- Are tales of Knights in Shining Armour behind us?

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Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty. Snow White. These titles are just a few of the Disney classics which we are all to varying degrees familiar with. Fantastical tales that follow the same familiar trope: boy meets girl, adversity is faced, obstacles are overcome, rags to riches- you know the one. But these … Read More

Disney Live-Action: Nostalgic or Uncreative?

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It appears that Walt Disney Company has struck yet another goldmine: live-action adaptations of animated classics. This recent Disney trend has already produced several successes, including the likes of Cinderella (2015) and Beauty and the Beast (2017), which earned a grand total of $544 million and $1.3 billion respectively in … Read More

We’ve still got Jafar to go: The queer-coding of Disney’s villains

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Arts writer, Lecia Weatherby-Blythe, discusses the prominent problems of queer-coding in Disney. Everyone has probably experienced Queer-coding in the media without even realising they have; it has played a prominent role in some of our favourite films that depict iconic and memorable villains. By definition, the term Queer-coding describes a … Read More

Is Disney creating a LGBTQ princess?

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Disney. This word is practically synonymous with your-entire-childhood. So, what about Disney princesses? Who springs to mind? Maybe it’s Snow White, the first Disney princess to be in a full-feature animated film; or Sleeping Beauty, the princess who has the least amount of dialogue to date; or maybe even Belle, … Read More

Coco: a film that teaches tradition

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If music be the food of love, Coco is a delightful three course dinner. In Pixar’s newest film Coco you are invited to the Land of the Dead where 12 year old Miguel Gonzales is transported after he steals the guitar of the late, great Ernesto De La Cruz, when … Read More

Can Coco add some colour to Pixar’s whitewashed palette?

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Martha Sanders discusses Pixar’s step away from monsters and robots and much needed steps towards diverse representation in their films. Although it is commonplace to see articles criticising Disney films for cultural misrepresentation, whitewashing and racial stereotyping, it is rarer that we hear the same of Pixar. Despite this, Pixar … Read More

Is the film industry diverting diversity?

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From personal experience, Aneeka Hussain takes a look at the bigger picture of minority representation in film. It’s no secret that the film industry is ride with old, white male actors. Actors who have become a symptom of the industry and used to tell a range of stories – most … Read More

The Whitewashing of Aladdin

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Despite the narrative that we are the most progressive era in history, debates about portrayals of race in the arts continue to rage on. The latest controversy is the casting of the white actor Billy Magnussen in Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin. For those who’ve been lucky enough to be … Read More