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A Chance To Voice LGBTQ+ Mental Health Struggles

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LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations, now materialising in major towns and cities all over the country throughout the summer, are now fundamental social events. Thousands come together to celebrate the diversity and unity of the community, and yet, one topic commonly remains subject to either silence or stigma: mental health. World Mental ... Read More

LGBTQ+ Asylum Seeking: An Unrecognised Struggle

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The rights afforded to us as citizens in one of the leading countries in the Western world, the UK, are often taken for granted. We forget that rights have not been afforded to us since the beginning of time; the battles for abortion rights, the right to vote, human rights, … Read More

Diabulimia: The invisible illness that desperately needs to be addressed.

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Type one diabetes is not a widely understood condition. It’s an enigma in the way it materialises, and it’s an enigma to society, too. In many ways, type one diabetes is an invisible illness. It presents invisible problems, of which diabulimia is one. The effects are devastating and commonly felt … Read More

Heteronormativity, Sexism and Disrespect: The Mirror’s Attack on Women Must Not Be Ignored

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The power of the tabloid press in the contemporary world is an undeniable truth. Though the outcome of the General Election in June signified the failure of tabloids, such as The Sun and The Daily Mail, to influence the vote as strongly as in past years, the monopoly they hold … Read More

Theresa May’s avoidance of the media: a smart political game and a betrayal of democracy

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In light of the decision to hold a General Election in June 2017, Theresa May has not initiated much direct contact with the media. By contrast, Jeremy Corbyn has kick-started the campaign for Labour by maintaining a conscious media presence. Images of Corbyn visiting constituencies; visiting primary schools, and attending … Read More

Review: SS-GB: The shape of society had the Germans won the Battle of Britain.

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Our understanding of the modern world is often conducted in terms of being post-1945, making WWII the pinnacle of modernity. It is, therefore, quite difficult to imagine what the contemporary political landscape would look like, had the Germans won the Battle of Britain in 1940. Fresh from the BBC, original … Read More

Waterstones: putting on a front

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Independent institutions mark a rebellion against the capitalist agenda and everything it stands for. Chain stores often uphold this continuation of capitalism by favouring profit over individual enterprise, forgetting the original purpose behind the creation of such a store. Bookshops are some of the most wonderful creations of British society; … Read More

Rising insulin prices and the election of Trump: a fatal combination

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It is no secret that America has long been dominated by capitalist ideals; ideals which have infiltrated further and further into the healthcare system in recent years. This presence of capitalism in the American healthcare system is set to be further facilitated by the presidency of Trump; combined with the … Read More

What Piers Morgan’s version of democracy tells us about its importance

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Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States in November 2016 with a slim majority; numerous allegations were made against him, both personal and political. Theresa May was appointed as British Prime Minister post-Brexit in July 2016; half a year of campaigning to remain in the EU crumbled … Read More

Racism towards FLOTUS cannot be ignored

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‘This is not something that we can ignore. It’s not something that we can just sweep under the rug.’ Just a few weeks ago, Michelle Obama stood in front of an audience comprised of hundreds of her advocates, publicly speaking out against sexist, disturbing comments that Donald Trump had allegedly … Read More