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Is a Fur-Free Future in Sight?

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In September, London Fashion Week became the first major fashion week to go fur-free. This choice followed a survey of the designers, by the British Fashion Council, which aimed to encourage businesses in the industry to improve their ethical and environmental standards.  In recent years there has been an increase … Read More

Take a look at our favourite faux fur brands

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Fur has always been in, but animal cruelty is no longer in any way fashionable; it’s faux or no. Moving away from animal cruelty has thankfully become a much bigger movement over the past few years, with the likes of house names in fashion such as Gucci, Armani and Vivienne … Read More

Fashion in Protest

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Often regarded as an industry that turns a blind eye to sustainability issues, in recent years the fashion world has begun to change. With an increasing demand for fast fashion, however, it’s no wonder the industry that’s responsible for over 50 million tonnes of polyester annually has a bad name. … Read More

Fur Free, Finally…

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In recent years, fur has become more than a fashion statement; it’s become an everyday essential, seen on coats, gilets, hats and more. Where previously real fur was a sign of a luxury garment, our generation is starting to favour a more ethical choice. Real fur is seen as outdated, … Read More

Spring Has Sprung

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Spring is the season of bloom and marks the breaking out of prints, denim and crochet aplenty. Make the transition to spring with ease by blending wardrobe staples with playful prints and textures. Don’t shy away from floral prints but keep them modern and up-to-date by blending with denim staples, … Read More

Ethical Fashion

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Eco fashion and ethical fashion are two terms that keep reappearing and establishing themselves in our lexicon. With a modern-day awareness sparked by Primark controversies and a growing consciousness of where our clothes come from, consumers have started to challenge the way our products are made, seeking instead labels that … Read More

Ethical Fashion Brands To Know

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With the idea of sustainability and ethical practices being at the height of importance, it has become a necessity that our society responds in accordance, and this is true for the fashion sector as much as any other. Fashion and clothing brands are beginning to reflect upon the responsibility they … Read More