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Free Speech Rules to Hold Universities to Account

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The Government has announced that Universities across England must uphold free speech and that action will be taken against universities who use “no platforming” and “safe spaces” to turn away controversial speakers.  Jo Johnson, the Universities Minister, said: “Free speech is one of the foundations on which our higher education … Read More

Leeds University collects over £200,000 in library fines

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Over the past three years, The University of Leeds has collected over £211,000 in library fines from overdue books. In this time, universities across Yorkshire have received more than £600,000 in library fines. The total collected at Leeds University was the highest, followed by Leeds Beckett which received nearly £150,000, … Read More

News | Unfair uni stops you graduating

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The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has hit out at the University as being “unfair” and “unreasonable” for stopping students with outstanding debts from graduating. The Leeds University library website states: “If you are in debt to the University you may not be able to graduate”. Nisha Arora, Senior Director in … Read More

News | Hundreds face TV license fines

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Over 450 young adults were caught watching live TV without a licence in Leeds last year. Of the 25,000 adults under the age of 25 in the UK found without a licence in the past year, 460 of them came from an LS postcode. Watching live TV without a licence … Read More

University considers £10 library fines

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The library is considering raising fines to as much as £10 a day, this newspaper can reveal. In a statement to Leeds Student, the University confirmed that it is considering a new range of daily fines for items that have been recalled, ranging from £2 up to £10. The potential … Read More

An end to library fine woes

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The University’s libraries are set to limit the number of fines that students can incur. The changes are to be introduced in August and the library claims the new system “will be fairer”, with the focus being on students who keep books requested by others. Those who return books late … Read More

All’s fine for RAG

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The Library is to donate an entire week’s worth of fines to Raising And Giving (RAG), as part of the annual RAG Week fundraising celebration. £14,000-worth of library fines have been added to RAG’s Community Fund, representing the average weekly haul of fines the library receives from students returning books, … Read More