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Student forum proposals put to panel

2 years ago / 8 comments

LUU votes unanimously to reject the NSS boycott, as well as to introduce compulsory equality and diversity training for all committees. Leeds students put forward the leading forum proposals to a random panel of students at Thursday’s Better University Forum. The forum, attended by idea proposers, student exec and school … Read More

Forum To Debate: “Should Equality Mean Equality?”

3 years ago / 4 comments

A proposal has been made to LUU’s ‘Better Union’ forum that the Union should “give a voice to those who are being silenced by those who claim their voices are too loud”. Gary Heyes, a Leeds University student, has submitted a proposal titled ‘Should equality mean equality?’, detailing a view … Read More

News | Union vows to save School of Healthcare

5 years ago / 0 comments

The Union has promised it will lobby the University to save the School of Healthcare. The motion passed after a unanimous vote was cast at the Better University forum to try and save the School and its courses. The Union’s Welfare Officer Charlotte Warner put the idea forward. The decision … Read More

News | Students call for page 3 ban

5 years ago / 0 comments

A student has submitted an idea to the Better Union forum to ban Page Three from the building. The latest ideas have been put forward as part of the Better University, Better Union and Better Leeds forums this week, including a motion for an ‘asexual awareness week’ and another relating … Read More

News | Students submit ideas to improve campus

5 years ago / 0 comments

Ideas submitted by students for changing the city and campus include longer opening hours at the Edge, an end to discrimination against women in nightclubs and lockers in the Union building. The ideas are set to be voted on in a forum on October 28 when a panel of 16 … Read More

Bring Your Own Blanket

6 years ago / 0 comments

23.11.12 The Union’s long awaited ‘Nap Space’ is being trialled from November 26 – 30 in Extras. With 300 clubs and societies based in its walls and hundreds of people passing through every day, the Union is a place to touch base on campus – to eat, meet, greet, and … Read More