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As clichéd as it sounds, my ‘gap yah’ really was up there as one of the best years of my life. I had the compulsory ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences and met people from all over the world, which meant I returned home feeling confident with a readiness to tackle … Read More

Features | A Year in Industry – Is it worth it?

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Julia Mascetti talks about her year in the arts industry so far. She studies Music but is currently doing a work placement at a classical music PR agency. Although receiving some student loan and bursary, affording to do the placement is still a struggle. As a small arts company, they … Read More

Take a Gap, Yah?

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As third year flies past at record speed, and thus the big step into the real world creeps closer, there have naturally been a lot of conversations of post-graduation intentions. Whilst many have plans of further education, graduate schemes, or mapping out the beginning of their career, it’s not uncommon … Read More