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India isn’t “catching up”, it was colonialism that brought anti-LGBT+ attitudes to the country.

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The legacy of colonialism is ever-enduring. Since the 1600s, European powers Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Britain alike have been colonizing all over the world. Age-old Conservatives, including dear-old Boris, speak of traditional “British” values and the benefits of British sovereignty. The British Empire no longer exists but traditionalists are still … Read More

Coming out of Conservatism – Australian Marriage Equality

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“Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?” – A piece of paper put in my letterbox which determined the course of LGBT+ history in Australia On the 14th of November at 11pm, I was refreshing both a live-updates page on The Guardian, and the Australian Bureau … Read More

LIFF | Stranger by the Lake – An erotic thriller that's neither erotic nor thrilling

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video: Les Films du Worso Stranger by the Lake has been leaving its mark on the festival circuit. Half thriller, half gay love story, it won the Cannes Best Director Award for Alain Guiraudi and the Queer Palm. At the height of a hot French summer, in a popular cruising … Read More