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Gene Genie: Biohacking For Better Health

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Play David Bowie – Jean Genie When former NASA scientist Josiah Zayner pulled out a syringe during a genetic engineering workshop last October and injected himself with a gene editing enzyme, he became the first person to try to hack his own genome – and a pioneer in the biohacking … Read More

Science-Fiction versus Science Fact

3 years ago / 0 comments

We live in the future. This isn’t meant to be philosophical or grandiose; when you consider the incredible technological advances which have occurred over the last few decades the truth in that statement should be obvious. Some of the greatest Science Fiction stories have imagined technologies which were considered beyond … Read More

Is language programmed into our genes?

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Language is a cognitive skill that seems to be unique to humans. There have been multiple debates on whether language has a genetic component to it and whether we are conditioned by the environment to acquire language. In linguistics (the scientific study of language), Noam Chomsky, a well-known linguist, is … Read More