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‘Harvey’: Berkoff’s prospective play about a predator

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Harvey Weinstein is a name anyone who has turned on the news or opened Twitter in the last year will be familiar with. Most people are also painfully aware of the horrible acts he committed to receiving this kind of global infamy and how his ousting has had a ripple, … Read More

Why #Metoo Is Not Synonymous With ‘Men Too’

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The Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood sexual abuse scandal is one that needs no introduction: it has been the – perhaps unsurprising – revelation that women in Hollywood are being abused, manipulated and raped by men in positions of power. It is the systematic and institutionalised exploitation of women. Yet , … Read More

The end of Kevin Spacey?

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I came forward with my story, standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out 1/3— Anthony Rapp (@albinokid) October 30, 2017 Anthony Rapp, the actor famous for playing Lieutenant Paul Stamets in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has made headlines recently for accusing Kevin ... Read More

Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood’s Sexual Assault Problem

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With the multiple allegations currently surrounding Harvey Weinstein, Arts Writer Lucy Carr examines the culture of sexual assault within Hollywood. As more stories emerge every day, the world is left to watch in horror as the darker side of Hollywood unravels before our eyes. In light of the recent outpouring … Read More


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Following the allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein, the hashtag ‘MeToo’ has taken over Twitter feeds worldwide, with thousands of victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault coming forward to show how prevalent the issue really is. But who does the campaign inherently leave out? And has it only served to paper-over ... Read More

Only the Pretty Girls Get Assaulted: Mayim Bialik, You Are Not a Feminist   

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In a week where more and more actresses stepped forward to pledge their own allegations of sexual assault and harassment against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, one response stood out for me amongst all the others. You’ll probably know Mayim Bialik as Sheldon Cooper’s geeky girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler in The ... Read More

Film | August: Osage County – Simply works better as a play

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Image: Jean Doumanian Productions It’s that time of year again when Harvey Weinstein trots out his chosen few films and frequently leads them to Oscar glory. August: Osage County is his offering this year, where the Weston family gathers together in their native state of Oklahoma for the funeral of … Read More