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Craving quinoa: The trials of trying to be an ethical consumer

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So, I want to buy some quinoa, but there’s been so much press on its unethical production that I can’t bring myself to buy any that isn’t fair-trade, and certified fair-trade quinoa is a FIVER a pack. What’s a girl to do? Healthy eating vs. ethical consumerism? In recent years … Read More

Enough food faddism; eat less, move more

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It begins in the first few days of January, when post-Christmas bloating is at its worst. Across the country, we look in the mirror and simply don’t like what we see. Most want a quick way out – and who wouldn’t – and trawl Google for crazy diets or miracle … Read More

Science | Depression accelerates aging

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Depression has repeatedly been linked with increasing risk for age-related diseases, such as dementia, cancer and type-II diabetes. Now researchers have found supporting evidence that depression explicitly ages your cells. The study, conducted in the Netherlands, comprised of 1,900 individuals who had experienced major depressive disorders, as well as 500 … Read More

Comment | Healthy Choices

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Starting University is daunting, and among the many new responsibilities, budgeting for food and cooking for yourself every night can seem daunting. Although the deals on pre-prepared meals in supermarkets seem tempting to inexperienced cooks with student budgets, they’re actually a terrible idea for your pocket (not to mention your … Read More