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Lucia Nogueira Brought to Light by The Henry Moore Institute

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With such an extensive assortment of independent artistic pieces stored away, it’s a shame that there is only ever enough room for just a portion to be on display at any one time; thankfully, however, a fine compromise with Leeds Art Gallery is that whichever exhibitions are given a chance … Read More

Senga Nengudi Exhibition: The Henry Moore Institute

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It was the utmost pleasure to be invited to the opening exhibition of Senga Nengudi, one of the world’s leading avant-garde artists last week at the Leeds Henry Moore Institute. Open until February 2019, it’s an exhibition that showcases some of the vital aspects of Nengudi’s life through the years. … Read More

Fresher’s Week Special: Eight Unmissable Art Spots in Leeds

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Fiona Holland explores the best places for art in Leeds, perfect for a Fresher’s Week visit before lectures start. Henry Moore Institute In and amongst the more conservative 19th century buildings that surround it in the city center, the Henry Moore Institute’s shiny black façade makes it pretty difficult to miss. … Read More

A Study of Modern Japanese Sculpture

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This small collection, currently housed in a single exhibition room at the Henry Moore, poses several questions about the nature of sculpture. What is the difference, these works ask,  between a sculpture made to be looked at and an object made for touching? What relationship is there between the material … Read More

Art | Gego: Line as Object – an exhibition with a delicately industrial feel

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Image: Henry Moore Institute The Henry Moore Institute present the first solo exhibition of Gego, a Venezuelan artist fascinated by using line as object, blurring the mediums of drawing and sculpture. The exhibition takes a selection of the artist’s work spanning 34 years and presents a small but interesting exhibition … Read More

Art | Pyrotechnics, Candyfloss and Dennis Oppenheim

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photo: Dennis Oppenheim For the first time, American artist Dennis Oppenheim, famed for his illustrious work with pyrotechnics and his constant assault of the limits of sculpture, has been the focus of an exhibition away from the watchful eye of his widow and protector of his legacy, Amy Plumb. Thought … Read More

Art | Robert Filliou, The Institute of Endless Possibilities

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4/5 Stars Leeds’ Henry Moore Institute plays host, this spring, to a vibrant retrospective of Robert Filliou, in an exhibition that shatters artistic boundaries and defies definition. Robert Filliou, born in France in the 1920s grew to fame as a multimedia artist; his films and sculptures key to the Fluxus … Read More

A Day in the Life of a Curator

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Leeds Student’s Zosia Gamgee catches up with Pavel Pyś, Exhibitions and Display Curator at the Henry Moore Institute, to discuss his work as a young curator in one of the UK’s most competitive artistic fields LS: Thank you very much for talking with us, Pavel. Your work is hugely inspirational to many students. Is there any advice … Read More

Art | 1913: The Shape of Time

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4/5 Stars 1913: The Shape of Time is a new exhibition at the Henry Moore Institute that focuses on the year 1913 and its impact on the Modern art world. It explores the idea that 1913 was a pivotal moment in the history of modern European art and an astonishing year for advancements in … Read More