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A Ticket To Nowhere? Councils ‘Help’ The Homeless

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The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Show has reported that councils across the country are tackling homelessness by buying one-way train tickets for rough-sleepers in their cities. It is believed that some councils have spent up to £1000 of their budget a year to move homeless people off their streets. What is … Read More

Campus Watch: Cambridge students warned not to wear college gowns over fears they may be face attack

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Dr Paul Hartle, an English fellow at St Catherine’s college, expressed his concerns following an assault of a Cambridge student cycling across the city centre wearing college attire. Students were urged to refrain from wearing academic gowns and dinner party dress when out and about in the city centre. “The … Read More

Campus Watch: Cambridge student burns cash in front of homeless man

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A member of the prestigious Cambridge University Conservation Association has been expelled from the organisation after he was filmed burning a £20 note in front of a homeless person. The Pembroke College student was dressed smartly in bowtie and tails, using a cigarette lighter to burn the money. The footage … Read More

Can’t wait to go home this Christmas?

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“A good day for me would be to have a couple of hundred bucks aha. Every day, I come here, and I read. I also sometimes do a bit of shopping. I like going to museums, they are free, the one next to the Library is nice. It’s probably my … Read More

Tampons don’t Grow on Christmas Trees

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LUU are running a campaign to collection donations of sanitary products for those who can’t afford them this Christmas time. The ‘san-i-tree’, featuring vulva inspired Christmas baubles, is based outside Essentials  and tomorrow there will also be a stall for those who wish to donate sanitary products to St Aidan’s … Read More

‘Tent city’ campaigners reach agreement with council

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Homelessness protesters are given semi-permanent space after being moved from Park Square. Campaigners from the Leeds Homelessness Partnership have reached an agreement in court with Leeds City Council for a stay of six weeks for their camp. Over the last month the camp has seen tent numbers stretch into double … Read More

Waste not, want not – LUU breaches its policy on food waste

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In light of recent investigations into the Union’s food policy, The Gryphon examines what appears to be a haphazard approach to preventing waste and what goes on behind the scenes in some of its busiest catering outlets. The Easter holidays may be a break for some, but the Union has … Read More

The Invisible Homeless

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I thought I knew what to expect from this documentary. I was prepared to be horrified at the conditions on those living on the streets, and to experience subsequent feelings of sympathy and guilt. Hidden and Homeless sparked all of these emotions and more. Not only did it focus on … Read More

‘Homeless barred’ from Trinity Kitchen

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Trinity Leeds has refuted allegations it banned homeless people from an event aimed at tackling food poverty. The Real Junk Food Project claims that the shopping centre banned homeless people from its Pay As You Feel Day in Trinity Kitchen on Saturday 7th February. The Gryphon understands that some customers … Read More

Photojournal | The Real Junk Food Project – waste, poverty and revolution

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The Real Junk Food Café is situated in Armley, a short bus ride south west from Leeds City Centre. Entering the town, it is easy to lose count of how many factory buildings had been abandoned, bordered up and draped in rows of barbed wire. The town is like many … Read More