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Is the Hyperloop the future of travel?

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We might not be as far away from hyper-speed travel as you might think. Although it isn’t quite teleportation, the Hyperloop combines a vacuum, a train, and levitating magnets to shoot you towards your destination at hundreds of miles an hour. The magnetic levitation ‘maglev’ train is lifted above rails … Read More

The Carillion Crows Are Circling: Is Outsourcing Dead?

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Facility management firm Carillion’s recent collapse was one of epic proportions, casting 450 public-sector contracts into doubt, dragging down thousands of small businesses and leaving tens of thousands of employees with an uncertain few weeks ahead. As a gargantuan enterprise with a vast web of projects, services and indeed debt … Read More

Impressive Images Reveal New £500m Leeds Train Station Redevelopment Plans

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Leeds rail station is set to get a modern, contemporary overhaul, it has been revealed. It comes after new images, sketched by Hiro Aso and released by Leeds City Council, show how the station could be expanded to a similar size as rail stations in European cities from as early … Read More

HS2: a case of city Vs countryside?

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Now that HS2 has finally been granted royal assent, after years of debating the issue in parliament, we must ask what difference High Speed rail travel will make to the cities it links together and the areas it will run through. In particular, we should consider what difference it will … Read More

Why is HS2 so Controversial?

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(Photo from : Leedslist.com ) Therese May recently voiced her plans to help those who have been left behind by globalisation and improving productivity is central to restoring this imbalance. The productivity gap is clear, as UK workers produce 35% less per hour than their German counterparts. The Chancellor of … Read More