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What Does Being ‘Black’ Mean to You?

1 year ago / 0 comments

I had always had a broad awareness that I was considered ‘black’ by society and the world, but I had never known what it really meant to be ‘black’. People often said it was the ‘colour of your skin’ but, on closer examination, this couldn’t be the case, since there … Read More

My issue with Black History Month

2 years ago / 9 comments

  Across the country many people are celebrating the contributions of black people throughout history for Black History Month. It is celebrated annually in February in the United States and now in October here in the United Kingdom. Many universities, such as the University of Leeds, hold events related to … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Identity politics is wrong

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The BBC has been heavily criticised recently for deciding to sack the BAFTA-award winning comedian Jon Holmes, who happens to be a white man. He has worked on the Radio 4 programme, “The Now Show”, for eighteen years when he was told that the BBC wanted more diversity in the … Read More