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#MeToo Finally Comes to India

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Exactly a year ago, when numerous women spoke out about the sexual crimes they faced at the hands of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, no one imagined that it would give rise to a movement which would have such a rippling effect, globally. But finally, a year later the #metoo movement … Read More

India isn’t “catching up”, it was colonialism that brought anti-LGBT+ attitudes to the country.

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The legacy of colonialism is ever-enduring. Since the 1600s, European powers Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Britain alike have been colonizing all over the world. Age-old Conservatives, including dear-old Boris, speak of traditional “British” values and the benefits of British sovereignty. The British Empire no longer exists but traditionalists are still … Read More

The End of the Road for UK’s Trade Ties with China?

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Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in Beijing on Wednesday to beat the drum for deepening trade ties and showcasing Britain’s global ambitions. With the uncertainty of Brexit looming it is essential for the UK to open up new overseas markets as the general consensus is that trade with the EU … Read More

The Pink Sari Revolution: ‘Put down your shame and pick up your stick.’

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Sampat Pal formed the Uttar Pradesh’s Gulabi Gang in 2006 and Mira Mookerjee review’s the play, The Pink Sari Revolution, over a decade later. Based on the novel by Amana Fontanella-Khan, this play discards idealism for truth and grit. ‘Pink is not just the colour of a sari, pink is … Read More

Sustainable Sportswear that is Changing the World

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In need of some brighter sportswear to inspire a trip to The Edge? Want this sportswear to be sustainably made here in Yorkshire and to also fund women’s business education in India? We thought so. Bella Kinesis is a sustainable sportswear brand that through the Mann Deshi Foundation, helps to … Read More

Campus Watch: ‘Gandhi Will Fall’: statue to be removed from University of Ghana

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Just four months after its unveiling, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi is to be removed from the University of Ghana campus in Accra, following a campaign led by professors and students who denounced Gandhi as ‘racist’. These claims are not unjustified. Whilst working as an attorney in South Africa, Gandhi … Read More

Traveller’s Eye: India

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This collection of images embodies my time spent in India. By completing the Golden Triangle in Northern India, which took me to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, and documenting every interesting person that I passed, the images came together to capture perfectly the beautiful, intriguing and fascinating diversity of humans in India. CHILD … Read More

Cricket: India, Australia & South Africa get ready for 2015 World Cup

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Over the last few weeks, and across several continents, there has been plenty of international cricket to get stuck into. Pakistan have trounced Australia in the United Arab Emirates and are now taking on New Zealand at the same venue. Australia meanwhile no sooner got back home from those chastening … Read More

English summer solves some questions but leaves plenty more unanswered

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Where to start? This has been the most dramatic, turbulent and downright crazy summer of English cricket since the early 90s, when every summer seemed to be the most turbulent in living memory. From captaincy debates to endless selection issues, to rows over pitches and groundsmen, to players involved in … Read More

Sport | Resurgent England hope to keep that winning feeling

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After completing a stunning turnaround and winning three Tests on the bounce, England managed (somehow) to take the series against India 3-1. After this triumph, that at some points looked very hard to imagine indeed, thoughts now turn to the shorter format of the game, specifically the five match one-day … Read More