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Senior NUS figures alleged to have worked with Israeli embassy to oust NUS President

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NUS Vice President Richard Brooks is alleged to have worked with senior figures inside the Israeli embassy to oust the NUS President Malia Bouattia An investigation by Al-Jazeera has found evidence of collusion between Brooks and Israeli diplomat Shai Masot to oust Bouattia from her position. In a secret recording … Read More

Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub creates stir on campus

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Students have voiced concern over a visit from the Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub. The visit attracted criticism after Taub gave a talk to a group of POLIS students. Some attendees were shocked by what they felt were controversial statements. One student told this paper: “There were some quite shocking things … Read More

Campus clashes over Gaza violence

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16.11.12 Clashes broke out on campus yesterday after protests by the Palestinian Solidarity Group (PSG) and Zionist Israeli students spiraled into chaos. Students from PSG and the Jewish Society (JSoc) organised separate protests in different locations, but University security and the police were forced to intervene as tensions between the … Read More