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Both The Conservatives And Labour Are Wrong About Housing

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As it stands, the people of Britain are quite divided. There is, though, one issue that brings them all together – housing. There’s a rare consensus in Britain that cuts across all the political spectrum. We need more houses. This is understandable but wrong. Theresa May was right about one … Read More

Democracy, Demagoguery and Despotism: The Death of the Free Press

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The attack on the press is nothing new for telling the truth to power is, and always has been a perilous act. Journalism has long been considered one of the world’s most dangerous professions. While navigating the perils of warzones and uncovering the corruption of the powerful, journalists often have … Read More

Corbyn Backs Bid for Leeds Flood Defences

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During his recent visit to Leeds, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn voiced his support for efforts by local MPs and councillors to convince the UK government to supply funding to complete flood defences in Leeds. On Boxing Day 2015, floods caused by Storm Eva damaged over 3,000 homes and more than … Read More

Beware the Populist Who Attacks the Free Press

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“A FREE PRESS HAS FAR TOO OFTEN MEANT THE FREEDOM TO SPREAD LIES AND HALF-TRUTHS” Upon reading the above quote you could be forgiven for thinking it had escaped from the lips of the belligerent and capricious right-wing populist who currently resides in the White House. However, this disparaging of … Read More

“I’m Not Calling for Another Referendum”: Leeds Student Media Societies Interview Jeremy Corbyn

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LSR, LSTV and The Gryphon sat down with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to discuss Brexit, anti-semitism and higher education ahead of his talk to politics students at the University of Leeds.   Jeremy Corbyn welcome to the University of Leeds, thank you for taking the time to speak to … Read More

Labour Edges Towards Conference Compromise

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After a difficult summer for the Labour Party, the 2018 conference was the perfect time to take stock of the past year’s successes and failures, and showing the country what Labour plans to do next. Thousands descended on Liverpool’s Albert Dock from the 22nd to the 26th September, following internal … Read More

The ‘UKIP-isation’ of Labour’s New Immigration Policy

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The aims of the Labour Party’s new immigration policy, to create a level playing field for EU and non-EU migrants whilst allowing workers with specific skill sets into the country, is both laudable and economically prudent. The problem, though, is that in their desperation to enact a fairer immigration policy … Read More

Calls for a return to the centre are only felt by a misguided elite

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The nation’s favourite former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, this week took a well-earned rest from cashing in on his premiership and speculated that his former party was beyond rescuing from the neo-Marxist cult that now runs it. Such observations from a man who won three elections as Labour leader inevitably … Read More

The Best for Britain

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Anti-Brexit campaign group Best for Britain has announced plans to conduct a ‘guerrilla marketing’ campaign this month in order to build support in favour of overturning the Leave result from the EU referendum, specifically in the Midlands and the north of England. This has been labelled as a ‘secret plot … Read More

The Carillion Crows Are Circling: Is Outsourcing Dead?

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Facility management firm Carillion’s recent collapse was one of epic proportions, casting 450 public-sector contracts into doubt, dragging down thousands of small businesses and leaving tens of thousands of employees with an uncertain few weeks ahead. As a gargantuan enterprise with a vast web of projects, services and indeed debt … Read More