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Why I can’t be persuaded that the NHS would benefit from privatisation

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Since the prospect of privatisation of our NHS has materialised, I’ve stubbornly resisted the consideration that it could be for the best. When my housemate invited me to a panel debate on the subject, I decided to repress my inner sceptic and go along with an open mind. Despite that … Read More

Blaming immigrants? What a total Hunt!

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Last week’s announcement from the government, that the NHS will now charge foreign patients upfront for non-emergency treatment, is the latest display of scapegoating immigrants for the problems the NHS faces by the Tories. NHS England finds itself with a £22bn ‘black hole’ in its budget for the next five … Read More

“Hunt has abandoned all pragmatism for, at best, political expediency”

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The all-out junior doctor’s strike, which saw junior doctors withdraw from emergency care, is certainly ethically contentious – walking out of a crucial public service is always an extreme decision that cannot be taken lightly. This is one of the biggest reasons why, though polling shows the majority of the … Read More

Why we should stand behind the junior doctors and their strikes

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It is seemingly always debated, when strikes happen, what is the point of them, what do they achieve, these are just a few of the silly questions asked. Their opponents tend to attack the strikers as “jumping the gun” and aim to remind them that strikes are meant to be … Read More

Junior doctors to strike next week

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Junior doctors in England will strike next Tuesday, after meetings with the government failed to reach an agreement on conditions for the new junior doctors contract. Members from the British Medical Association (BMA), NHS Employers and the Department of Health have been participating in discussions to reach an agreement over … Read More

Junior Doctors’ Strike Cancelled

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The first ever planned 24-hour strike by NHS junior doctors in England was called off this evening. Whilst the strike is not going to go ahead, there have been implications for 4,000 patients as treatments and surgeries have been delayed. This is because junior doctors make up 50,000 of the … Read More

COMMENT: Can the NHS survive the cuts?

6 years ago / 0 comments

As the biggest changes in NHS history officially come into effect, what can we expect? In 1948, the NHS was founded on the fundamental principles that care should be free and available to all on the basis of need.  It was the first health service of its kind in the … Read More