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“A little bit challenging” and “a little bit interesting” – Why Ambassador Mark Regev’s Visit to the University of Leeds Provided More Questions than Answers

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If you were wandering about campus last Wednesday the 14th November, those more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed an increased security presence patrolling outside Leeds University Union. For those of you who were less aware or just momentarily recovering from Hifi the night before, even if you missed the … Read More

25th December: Just another winter’s day?

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On the 1st December, when many people open their advent calendars, the countdown to Christmas has begun. Television adverts are Christmas themed, shop music plays Christmas hits and Christmas jumpers are proudly on display. However only 60% of the population of the United Kingdom are Christian. The Gryphon investigates what … Read More

Photo: PSG construct Union checkpoint

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Members of the Palestinian Solidarity Group constructed a checkpoint outside Leeds University Union this week. The stunt intended to highlight the day-to-day struggles faced by Palestinians living in the West Bank. Second year English student Joe Bilsborough explained how “checkpoints are one of the main systems used by the Israeli … Read More