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The well-fed student: Savvy spending edition

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Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Abu Bakr and Asda Online seem to be where we all shop the most, so I’ve compared prices in these shops, alongside places like Millie’s and Taste of the Orient (on Vicar Lane), Kirkgate Market and Aldi to find you the best bargains in Leeds. Bargain Bits and Bobs … Read More

Leeds Local Food Guide: Beyond the Supermarkets

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January has drawn its last breath, exams are over and it’s finally time to make good on that New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier – and that means an end to Morrison’s ready meals and takeaway pizzas. However, stocking up on fresh food isn’t always cheap if you stick to … Read More

Game Recipes: £1 pigeon, £3 pheasant

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I may be one of the few, but I can’t say I am left particularly inspired by the smells, colours or freshness of the food I see when I stroll (rather effortlessly I must admit) into the infamous Sainsbury’s, Hyde Park or handy One-Stop. If I decide to stretch my … Read More

Traders sell students dangerous highs

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30.11.12 Dozens of Leeds traders are supplying students with dangerous ‘legal highs’, an investigation by Leeds Student has found. This paper has uncovered that a number of stalls in Leeds Kirkgate market and some local shops are selling New Psychoactive Substances (NPSs), otherwise known as ‘legal highs’, under names such … Read More

Why you'll love Kirkgate Market, love

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Inspired by the home of the 1851 Great Exhibition, and not a million miles away from our own Brotherton, the green girders of Kirkgate Market house a veritable feast for your eyes, ears and pocket. As the largest covered market in Europe, it bustles with the kind of activity a … Read More

Explore Leeds

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Leeds isn’t short of places to visit. The city has great public transport links for day trips to one of the nearby towns or attractions, and there are plenty of places closer to home for a bit of breathing space from the hectic freshers’ week goings-on. If you’d like to … Read More