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EXCLUSIVE: Union’s Inept Approach to Costing Mars Election Results

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Through joint research by The Gryphon and LSR, it has become clear that the union has failed to uphold their own rules in the recent Exec elections. In our role in holding the union to account, we have come across clear failings in the rules that dictate candidate spending. Firstly, … Read More

Your current exec reflect on their time in office so far

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Gemma Turner – Equality & Diversity Officer   How has this year been for you? It’s been so good. Now is the time to reflect and I’ve realised how much I’ve learnt this year. I came in with a few objectives and I feel like i’ve got through them quite … Read More

Editorial candidate interview: Ben Cook

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Why should students vote for you? It’s a great opportunity and I want to give something back to the students here. I want to make sure The Gryphon helps the students of Leeds get their voices heard and hold both the Union and the University to account. I have experience with a … Read More

Editorial candidate interview: Ste Topping

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Why do you want to be Editor? I’m really passionate about the paper. I’ve been working on it since the start of my time at Leeds. When I got here, it was the only stall I wanted to go to at the Fresher’s Fair and even then, I knew this … Read More

Review: LUU Leadership Race question time

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Candidates running for next year’s leadership roles in Leeds University Union got the chance to expand upon their manifestos yesterday in Candidate Question Time, which took place between 1.00pm and 5.30pm in the Union. Voting starts on Monday 9th March and ends on Thursday 12th March. The results will be … Read More

Parody election accounts hit Twitter

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With just over three days to go before the virtual polling stations open and voting begins in the 2015 LUU Leadership Race,  Leeds University students have been warned to be wary about which Twitter accounts they follow after a spate of unofficial parody accounts have appeared on the social networking site. Satire-filled accounts including ‘LeadLUU Chatty … Read More

News | Torn down campaign posters spark outrage

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Candidates in the Leadership Race have expressed their outrage after two unknown culprits ripped down posters in the Union to make bunting. Two people carrying black bags made their way around the Union taking down posters at approximately 10:20pm on Monday evening. They were stopped by security and asked to … Read More

News | Leadership Race Results are in

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The new LS Editor and Exec have been voted in, receiving a collective total of 10, 250 votes. The first result of the night saw Jasmine Andersson pip Max Bruges to the post for the role of LS Editor. Gemma Turner beat Freya Potter for Equality and Diversity, with Noha … Read More

Features | LUU Elections – The Highs and Lows

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It’s that time of year again when campus is plastered with posters telling us to ‘Vote for X’ or ‘Get down with Y’ and our Twitter feeds are taken over by the union trying desperately to break last year’s participation record. While it may seem like this year’s election has … Read More

News | Your next LS candidates interviewed

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MAX BRUGES Why do you want to be LS Editor? It’s not too bold to say that I’m the person who best knows the paper. Having worked in both News and Culture, I know that it’s a tough job but I’ve stepped up to the plate and had a really … Read More