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‘B’ Stands for Bisexual

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As part of our LGTBQ+ series, Emma Hooker discusses the lack of positive bisexual representation and how this can lead to people struggling to find acceptance of their sexuality. It’s 2018 and LGBTQ+ History Month is upon us once again. There is so much history worth celebrating within our community, … Read More

Going out with a bang: Bailey’s final Burberry show

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Burberry’s A/W 2018 London Fashion Week show featured a myriad of colour and print on the runway. From graffiti printed fleece hoodies, to rainbow puffer jackets and of course the classic Burberry check, the collection is bursting with fun statement pieces. Christopher Bailey, the President and Chief Creative Officer at … Read More

Fashion in support of LGBT History Month

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Fashion can stand for way more than just setting trends, especially with regards to such important topics as the LGBTQ+ one. The clothes we wear can have a massive impact and can be used as a peaceful weapon in fights like this one. By choosing what you are wearing, you … Read More

Why Representation Matters

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Seeing yourself accurately and fairly represented when you turn on TV or read a book is an unacknowledged privilege – and it’s so important. The importance of this is often swept under the carpet or it’s treated as an added bonus, but I would argue that it is fundamental. I … Read More

It happened in a Wetherspoons

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So a bit about me: I’m in final year, I speak French, I’m from Merseyside, I think that the Obamas should be everybody’s relationship goals, I love morning walks through the park, I can be high-maintenance one day, so laid back I could fall over the next, and I’m gay. … Read More

MX Anja’s Story

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My gender fluctuates between agender and a woman. Most of the time I feel agender, but as I‘m being treated as a woman and perceived as one by most people, I sometimes find it empowering to identify as a woman politically (of course I insist that I am non-binary overall, … Read More

A Tragic Truth In These Tinder Times

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In an age where our smart phones play cupid, it is hard to predict just how many Valentines Day tables will be booked for Tinder veterans this February. Personally, I keep my Tinder distance setting low and my standards even lower. The gender set to ‘Only Men’, and the age … Read More

Coming Out and Catching Up

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Our favourite B-list holiday is just around the corner: Valentine’s Day, an occasion for those in relationships to be reminded of their love and for the rest of us to be reminded of our singledom. More importantly, it is also LGBT History Month, which means it is the perfect occasion … Read More

So here it is: My Coming Out

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Coming out never really gets any easier – and you will probably never have to stop doing it. That feeling of terror rises up inside of you, that makes you feel like you might vomit, never really goes away. Even if it’s only for a fleeting second before you blurt … Read More

Inkwell to hold first LGBT art exhibition

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In honour of LGBT History Month, Mental health and arts organisation Inkwell are holding the first ever LGBT art exhibition. The scheme, set up by Leeds University student Laura Ferris, is called ‘Transitions’. It predominantly focuses on works by LGBT artists, with the intention being for them to express ‘transformation’ … Read More