Equaliser Levels Up

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Equaliser is a more than just a good time. Encapsulating their beautiful ethos of inclusivity and diversity, Equaliser strives to live up to its name by making the club scene a more equal and open zone. Before their launch night at Wharf Chambers kicked off, Equaliser hosted an evening of … Read More

LGBTQ+ Asylum Seeking: An Unrecognised Struggle

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The rights afforded to us as citizens in one of the leading countries in the Western world, the UK, are often taken for granted. We forget that rights have not been afforded to us since the beginning of time; the battles for abortion rights, the right to vote, human rights, … Read More

Kate O’Donnell’s ‘You’ve Changed’

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Juliette Rowsell, The Gryphon’s Digital Associate, gives herself a break from website headaches, reviewing Kate O’Donnell’s bare-all performance in her play, You’ve Changed. In 2003, Coronation Street featured its first gay kiss. It is also the year that Kate O’Donnell, tonight’s host, decided to transition. At the heart of her heart-warming … Read More

God’s Own Country Review

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Juliette Rowsell casts her thoughts on Francis Lee’s local masterpiece and why it we need it on our screens now, more than ever. It feels remarkable that Francis Lee’s directorial debut was written before the implications of last year’s Brexit referendum. A love story between a permanently-frowning farmer and a … Read More

Leeds rallies against homophobia in Chechnya

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Leeds students organise rally to protest against the persecution of LGBTQ+ in Chechnya, after claims over a hundred gay men have been placed into concentration camps. A rally against the homophobic abuse and discrimination faced by LGBTQ individuals in Chechnya took place outside Leeds Town Hall on Saturday. The event, … Read More

Beauty and the Beast – Is Disney failing to deliver on LGBTQ representation?

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This week, Disney announced that their new action-remake of Beauty and the Beast is to feature its first ‘exclusively gay moment’ in a Disney film. The moment is said to be between Le Fou and Gaston, but this isn’t the first time that Disney have got our hopes up of … Read More


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Even though LGBT month is now behind us, any day is a good day to celebrate LGBT accomplishments and take time to appreciate LGBT beauty gurus who inspire thousands of people around the world each day. Whether you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or drag there is a role model for … Read More

Students seek sex ed overhaul

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Students meet in the University Union to discuss plans for overhaul of outdated LGBT+ excluding curriculum. An enthusiastic group met at the Union on Thursday night to discuss materials from the Sexual Wellbeing Foundation, a student charity aimed at reforming the curriculum. Currently, the approved curriculum focuses on STDs, pregnancy … Read More

The Starman, The Prince and The Last Christmas

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2016 saw the world lose some of the greatest LGBTQ+ icons of all time. David Bowie, Prince and George Michael all crafted a legacy that incorporates much more than just their musical achievements: they were all revolutionary in challenging how we perceive concepts of sexuality and gender. There is no … Read More


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It doesn’t matter who you love or what you identify as – style is a universal language. Have a look at just a handful of style icons inspired and representing the LGBTQ community. Lady Gaga There could not be a style icon list without Lady Gaga making it on there! She … Read More