Masculinity, Femininity and Vulnerability: Ezra Miller’s Playboy Shoot

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Wearing high heels and lip gloss, Ezra Miller’s presence as a successful queer actor in a Playboy photo shoot, the interview conducted by Ryan Gajewski, has become a widely discussed aspect of the gender performance conversation. Some are contesting it, some are obsessing over it, but regardless of the stance, … Read More

Does The LGBT+ Community Have A Problem With Hierarchy?

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The LGBT+ community is frequently called the ‘gay community’ by much of wider society. This seems exclusive and would be all too easy to write off as a privileged majority playing catch up if the queer community wasn’t also part of the problem. Whilst mentions of gay pride and the … Read More

Queer Identities in Music: From Bowie’s Ziggy to ‘Trans Dysphoria Blues’.

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With last Thursday marking ‘National Coming Out Day’, Tom Poole reflects on  ‘queerness’ within the music industry, and how artistic output has served to challenge conventions in recent years. I had just turned 13 when I heard Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ for the first time. I wasn’t yet into music all … Read More


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Bisexuality is still viewed as taboo by many. All too often, it is patronisingly dismissed as a ‘fad’ or worse, a ‘lifestyle choice’. Men say it when they’re actually just gay, and women say it because they think it makes them more sexy, more exotic, more attractive to the opposite … Read More

Love, Simon Comes Out As The LGBT+ Rom Com We’ve All Been Waiting For

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Love, Simon opens with a sequence that establishes the normality of our protagonist’s daily life – he has breakfast with his family, hangs out with friends, goes to college. This sets up the pervasive ordinariness that is Simon’s life. The only thing that would seem to separate him from the … Read More

All-Female DJ Collectives Diversifying Decks Across the World

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In light of International Women’s Day, music editor Meg Firth chronicles the DJ collectives across the world that are bringing women to the forefront of the scene. It’s no secret that dance music is still largely dominated by men. Take one look at most line-ups and it’s clear to see … Read More

‘B’ Stands for Bisexual

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As part of our LGTBQ+ series, Emma Hooker discusses the lack of positive bisexual representation and how this can lead to people struggling to find acceptance of their sexuality. It’s 2018 and LGBTQ+ History Month is upon us once again. There is so much history worth celebrating within our community, … Read More

Hollywood’s Binary Sexuality Problem

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In an industry where LGBTQ+ characters have historically been treated as tropes, plot devices and stereotypes, it seems as though an effort has been made to change the way LGBTQ+ characters are presented on our screens. In recent years particularly, with television programmes such as Orange is the New Black … Read More

Going out with a bang: Bailey’s final Burberry show

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Burberry’s A/W 2018 London Fashion Week show featured a myriad of colour and print on the runway. From graffiti printed fleece hoodies, to rainbow puffer jackets and of course the classic Burberry check, the collection is bursting with fun statement pieces. Christopher Bailey, the President and Chief Creative Officer at … Read More

Voices of the Silenced banned by Vue for claiming to “cure” homosexuality

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A cinema in London’s West End faced an outcry of angry protestors after it cancelled a film that claimed to “cure” homosexuality. When Christian group, Core Issues Trust, hired a screen at Vue Piccadilly to showcase their film: The Voices of the Silenced, they were unaware that they would soon … Read More