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The Nobel Prize in Economics and Why You Should Care

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If you’ve had little prior exposure to economics, then the word might conjure up images of fusty, grey professors, wearing tweed and agonising over pie charts whilst using words like ‘hypothecation’. And that’s all (mostly) true. But despite its enduring reputation as the ‘dismal science’,by contrast to ‘cool’ sciences like … Read More

The Human League: How Richard Thaler’s ‘Nudge’ Theory Came Out On Top

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To the average person, the study of economics may appear to be a bunch of abstract theoretical concepts exclusive to those studying in further education or working in the City. However, the results of this year’s Nobel Prize suggest otherwise, conveying the impact of human nature on our economies. Leading … Read More

Noble Nobel Prize Winners

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“For the greatest benefit to mankind” – Alfred Nobel For those who win Nobel prizes it is a moment of recognition for the contribution they have made to the world, whether it is through literature, peace or a scientific discovery. Alfred Nobel was the initiator of the Awards, a wealthy … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Famous Scientists from Leeds

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If you’ve been a student at the University of Leeds for more than one semester you’ve probably heard that Leeds has many famous alumni. The most famous is actor Chris Pine (Star Trek, Wonder Woman), who arguably barely counts as an alumnus; he was in Leeds for a year as … Read More

Should Bob Dylan Have Won The Nobel Prize For Literature?

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Bob Dylan was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature last week for ‘having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition’. The news proved joyous for some – a travesty for others… Can a song be literature? Why not? Because it isn’t bound in a book; didn’t wax … Read More

And the Nobel Prize goes to a man… again.

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The Nobel Prize is a prestigious award that has only been awarded to  just 46 women, in comparison to 814 men. Of these 46 women only 16 were awarded a Nobel Prize for science, the rest having been awarded the prize for peace, literature or for economic sciences.  This clearly shows … Read More

Books | And the Nobel Prize for Exclusion goes to…

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You only have to look at any English Literature syllabus to see a canon dominated by white authorship. While no one is denying Dickens’ acerbic wit or the ethereal charm of the Romantics, our literary canon is in desperate need of more inclusivity. Recently, Kenyan novelist and playwright, Ngugi wa … Read More

Failure: the first step towards success?

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Being told you’re not good enough is a simple factor of life. Whether it’s a rejection for a place at your desired University, or an unwanted grade in an essay; it seems failure is a common feature of our everyday life. However, this doesn’t mean we’re destined to fail for … Read More