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Clean-up your act: Solution to our Ocean’s Plastic Crisis?

3 months ago / 0 comments

If you’ve been living in a cave this last year, or on a social media hiatus that caused you to miss the news and Blue Planet 2, you may not know about the planet’s plastic crisis. But it feels like most of us are becoming more aware of the issue … Read More

Blue Planet II: Coral Reefs

1 year ago / 0 comments

Being elevated to the status of national treasure I am sure has many benefits. You can avoid taxes like there’s no tomorrow and basically get away with murder. David Attenborough has reached this pinnacle.  If he was exposed as the source of most greenhouse gasses we’d all shrug and put … Read More

Welcome to ‘Trash Isles’: a Plastic Heap the size of France

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The name, ‘The Trash Isles’, has recently been circling around social media after entertainment company LADbible ran a feature claiming ‘the world’s first country made entirely of trash’. The company have begun a campaign to raise awareness of an area in the Pacific Ocean that consists of rubbish ‘cumulatively the … Read More