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Universities Accused of Data Laws Breach

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Several Russell Group Universities have been accused of screening former student’s data in order to identify those more likely to donate money as part of a recent fundraising initiative. Although profiling individuals for fundraising purposes isn’t illegal, it is illegal to do so without the individual’s prior knowledge, as has … Read More

What’s new in science this week?

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The secret to supercharging phones in seconds revealed? Scientists from the University of Florida have developed a new method for creating flexible supercapacitors, capable of storing more energy than before and can be recharged more than 30,000 times without degradation. After experimenting with the application of new nanomaterials to supercapacitors, the … Read More

Fashion apps we’re loving

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Villoid: We can’t list our favourite fashion apps without mentioning Villoid. Launched last year by Alexa Chung, this app allows the user to create their own moodboards pinterest-style but has a buy option for products. Using high end and high street you can create your dream wardrobe. You can follow … Read More

Phones explode and Samsung’s shares implode

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(Photo : REUTERS/Dado Ruvic) Following the release of the Galaxy Note 7 in August, Samsung was riding the wave of success after rave reviews for their innovative new design, which claimed to push the boundaries of previous smartphone capabilities. Offering premium wireless charging and a more responsive iris scanner, the … Read More

Man arrested for Sainsbury’s robbery

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Police have arrested a man in connection with a robbery at Sainsbury’s in Hyde Park last weekend. The Gryphon understands the offender was carrying a knife when he stole mobile phones from customers at the store on Brudenell Road. The incident happened in the early hours of the morning between … Read More

Students targeted in £3m phone fraud

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A student is believed to have been arrested for alleged involvement in a suspected smartphone fraud scheme which has scammed students out of thousands of pounds. The student, who has not been named for legal reasons, is said to have been implicated in a pyramid scheme which targeted university students … Read More

News | Fruity phone theft suspect goes to court

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A man detained by Union security suspected of stealing 14 mobile phones has appeared in court this week charged with 12 counts of theft. The 22 year old male was arrested on Friday September 27 during Fruity, when Union security staff noticed he was “acting strangely.” LS reported on the … Read More

Spate of phone thefts in city centre

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Leeds clubbers have fallen victim to organized gangs. Groups of thieves, wanting to trade stolen mobile phones, have targeted Leeds to steal from students. West Yorkshire Police say they have seen a rise in the prevalence of organized groups of thieves, who travel from all over the North of England … Read More