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Sexual consent campaign gathers momentum in Leeds

2 years ago / 0 comments

The Gryphon interviewed Amy Cousens about her sexual consent campaign. She is putting forward a proposal to the Leeds City Council to make it mandatory for all clubs and bars in Leeds to put up sexual consent posters, as well as giving staff sexual consent training. Firstly, could you tell me a … Read More

News | Torn down campaign posters spark outrage

5 years ago / 0 comments

Candidates in the Leadership Race have expressed their outrage after two unknown culprits ripped down posters in the Union to make bunting. Two people carrying black bags made their way around the Union taking down posters at approximately 10:20pm on Monday evening. They were stopped by security and asked to … Read More

Art | Flyposting at Leeds City Gallery – aesthetically thirst quenching

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Image: Leeds City Gallery Gig posters have become a well established feature of our student environs over the years, whether plastered to a nearby lamppost on the way to uni or covering up that nasty stain on the wall of your kitchen. Let us not forget, though, that they make … Read More

Debate: Should there be limitations on LUU campaigns?

6 years ago / 0 comments

  Unless you have been bunking for the last fortnight, you will have seen posters displaying puns, slogans and plenty of flesh around campus. This week Big Debate asks, should there be regulations for candidates’ campaigns?   YES: Tess Brumwell-Gaze   A quick list of proposals would make the process … Read More

Union spends thousands on Leadership Race

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It has been revealed that the Union spends thousands of pounds on advertising for the Leadership Race elections each year. This year, the Union has spent £7,000 encouraging students to vote for the new student Executive and Leeds Student Editor, a sum that would take an Essentials worker 1,400 hours … Read More