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Leeds UKIP candidate supports NHS privatisation

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Leeds Central UKIP candidate Bill Palfreman has expressed his support for privatising the NHS at a hustings organised by Open Rights Group, Amnesty International, and Global Justice Now. Speaking first to the public in relation to cyber security and attacks on the NHS, Palfreman said “I don’t know if anyone remembers … Read More

Why I can’t be persuaded that the NHS would benefit from privatisation

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Since the prospect of privatisation of our NHS has materialised, I’ve stubbornly resisted the consideration that it could be for the best. When my housemate invited me to a panel debate on the subject, I decided to repress my inner sceptic and go along with an open mind. Despite that … Read More

News | Student loans campaign gains momentum

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A group of students is set to tackle the government’s controversial plans to privatise student loans. Students from a range of backgrounds met this week to plan Leeds’ role in the nationwide week of action that begins on February 3. Action considered includes a march and the occupation of university … Read More

Comment | Roll Up, Roll Up, Student Livelihoods For Sale!

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Amongst the diverse range of public assets to be privatised by the Coalition Government (these include Royal Mail and NHS Plasma Supply), Student Loans is the latest target by which the government is attempting to raise revenue and boost investment. With Ed Milliband appearing as Prime-Ministerial as ever (thanks to … Read More

Maggie Thatcher’s Death: A Cause For Celebration

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  Upon entering No.10 in May 1979, Margaret Thatcher quoted Catholic Saint Francis of Assisi in her promise to bring harmony and prosperity to Britain. Salivating at the prospect of finally getting to play with her new toys, she duly set about writing the most acidic epitaph for the British … Read More