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Advocating For An “Uncivil” Politics

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I’d like to start with the caveat that I don’t know whether opinion journalism is as important as news reporting. In order to have some kind of value, I guess this kind of journalism has to be prescriptive: it has to imply a certain course of action or attitude to … Read More

Black Panther: the film shaking the foundations of Colonialism

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Black Panther is a technicolour world, constructed by cinematographer Rachel Morrison, to the cast who are, to borrow from an popular black hair product line, ‘Dark [skinned] and Lovely’, the film’s politics are woven into its very fabric paralleling the Wakandan’s depositing of vibranium into their clothes. Over the course … Read More

The Straight Face of LGBT+ Cinema

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Arts Editor, Mikhail Hanafi, explores the politics of LGBT+ representation in film. Which films are going to be cemented in LGBT+ film canon? If you ask the general public, you’d likely get answers like Brokeback Mountain, Carol, The Danish Girl or even Blue is the Warmest Colour. The more movie-inclined … Read More

Why Representation Matters

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Seeing yourself accurately and fairly represented when you turn on TV or read a book is an unacknowledged privilege – and it’s so important. The importance of this is often swept under the carpet or it’s treated as an added bonus, but I would argue that it is fundamental. I … Read More

Comment | Why we need Jennifer Lawrence

5 years ago / 0 comments

The second instalment in the hugely popular Hunger Games trilogy ‘Catching Fire’ is out in cinemas at the moment. I for one will most definitely be taking advantage of Orange Wednesdays to go see it, but not just for Liam Hemsworth’s face. One of the main reasons why I am … Read More

Comment | Is Education Too Eurocentric?

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When it comes to education, politicians are very dismissive when it comes to the inclusion of authors of colour in GCSE and A-level syllabuses. It is blatantly obvious that these authors are under-represented, yet any reference to an author of colour, however small, is instantly used as an example of integrative … Read More

Comment | The Problem with Girls

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Television is a powerful medium. It has just as much potential and power as literature and art to recreate and re-imagine certain concepts, concepts which time has shown to be problematic. TV writers can utilise their medium to showcase new, groundbreaking stories. Yet, it is astonishing to see the ease … Read More