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The Zimbabwean Economy: From Mugabe to Droughts to Inflation to 2017

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Under the ZANU party led by Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe became an independent country in 1980, freed from British colonial rule. This naturally presented challenges to governance: how could Zimbabwe disinherit its colonial institutions and become a new nation in a way which was economically viable and sustainable for its people? … Read More

What I learnt at the Marxist Society GIAG

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Whether from distant or recent memories of classrooms and discussions, the term ‘Marxism’ is familiar to most of us. We’ve all heard about Marx: the philosopher, the economist, the sociologist, the journalist. We may even know the basics of Marxism: about the belief that capitalism generates a struggle between the … Read More

Corbyn: Labour’s route to identity?

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Jeremy Corbyn, maverick MP for Islington North since 1983, has dominated headlines this week as private polls suggest he could surprise the bookies to emerge victorious in the Labour leadership contest. The already 5-time parliamentary Beard of the Year winner has garnered a sudden rush of political support, mainly because … Read More

Comment | Tony Benn dies – now our generation must carry the gauntlet

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Tony Benn’s personal impact has been enormous. My parents first met at a talk he gave at the University of London Union. As children, my sisters and I were taken to see him speak on many occasions. Growing up, his values, compassion and ideas deeply reinforced my politics. He has … Read More

The Interview: Caitlin Moran: “And that’s why I’m running for Prime Minister”

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  Mod-feminist Caitlin Moran speaks exclusively to Lucy Holden about previously unrevealed self-harm, a new sit-com, and why she doesn’t want to do interviews anymore – all at a hundred miles an hour. Caitlin Moran knows how to sell. And she’s trying to sell me. Accidentally early, I’m shivering at … Read More