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Making Music Herstory Vol VII: Daphne Oram

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I can honestly say I have never enjoyed researching another article more than I enjoyed this one. Daphne Oram is a wonder. A pioneer of ‘music concrete’ and one of the unknown, underappreciated godmothers of electronic music, Oram was the first woman to do many things: manage and direct an … Read More

When I’m 54: Celebrating the 54th birthday of The Beatles’ debut single

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When I was eight years old I got a portable CD player and three CD’s for Christmas; Busted’s A Present For Everyone, Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits and The Beatles’ 1 – the compilation album of their number one hits. By this age I already knew a few Beatles tunes – … Read More

‘The Beatles: The Touring Years’ Review – still manages to be fresh

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The first question that is inevitably asked about a new Beatles documentary is whether or not it can say anything fresh about such a well-known story. By deciding to focus on The Beatles’ touring years (1962-1966), Ron Howard is able to marshal famous interviews alongside previously unseen footage to give … Read More

Bitch Better Take My Money

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Robbie Cairns discusses Rihanna surpassing the Beatles for number of weeks at number one.   As Rihanna’s voracious ‘Work’ has twerked its way into a ninth consecutive week at number one, yet another long-standing Beatles’ record crumbled. Almost ten years since her debut number one single ‘S.O.S’, Rihanna, with her … Read More

Feature:: 6 Of The Worst Advert Cover Songs Ever

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All thanks to the new advert culture of twee and all-too-emotional covers of classic songs, is advertising endangering our music knowledge? Are we soon to know songs by brand instead of band and disregard originals in favour of acoustic alternatives altogether?      ‘Girls’ – Sugababes (Ernie K. Doe) Sorry … Read More