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Theatre Group’s “Othello” Is A Subversive Take On A Shakespearean Classic

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The Theatre Group’s Othello adaption, directed by Melanie Noa Jehan, is an original take on the Shakespearean classic. While many new elements are added (a poem and a song as well as changes to the characters), the production stays completely true to the plot. The five-act tragedy is split into … Read More

Theatre Group’s “No Exit” Brings Existentialism Into The Modern Age

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Two hours of dialogue set in the same, Victorian-style drawing room doesn’t jump out to me as a performance; in fact, I’d ordinarily be deterred. But the difference from what one may expect, is that No Exit is set in hell, the heat of which only stirs up the growing … Read More

Rain Man Is A Timeless Classic That Is Just As Sincere As Ever

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Dan Gordon’s stage adaptation of the timeless Hollywood classic Rain Man reminds us of our intrinsic need for compassion, humanity and sensitivity. Reinventing the Oscar-winning film for theatre was always going to have its trials, but with a cast boasting the likes of Matthew Horne (Gavin from Gavin and Stacey) … Read More

Review: The Comedy About a Bank Robbery at Leeds Grand Theatre

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Arts Editor Katherine Corcoran reviews Mischief Theatre’s The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, as it was in its final week last week at Leeds Grand Theatre. Much is to be discussed in our taxi ride home from the opening night showing of The Comedy About a Bank Robbery. I leave … Read More

Passionate and Political: ‘New Nigerians’ Comes to Leeds

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For one night only Oladipo Agboluaje’s political satire of Nigerian politics came to Leeds and the theatre filled predominantly with students ready for an evening of humour. Although advertised as a comedy it is fair to say that generally we learned more than we laughed, which was unexpected yet did … Read More

A Modern Classic: Mother Courage and Her Children at Leeds Playhouse

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Bertold Brecht’s 1939 play, Mother Courage and Her Children, is regarded as one of the greatest anti-war plays of all time, and in the midst of Europe facing a refugee crisis, Brecht’s tale of traumatic displacement due to war seems more fitting than ever. Through the combined talents of Red … Read More

RSC Salome Review

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Juliette Rowsell challenges the ambitious desires of Owen Horsley as he reshapes Oscar Wilde’s female-centric tale into an all-male performance reflecting, the struggle of its playwright. Salome has always been a play intoxicated with its own mystery. But tonight in Owen Horsley’s production of Oscar Wilde’s most serious play, this … Read More

NT Salome Review

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Chloe-Louise Saunders recounts the National Theatre’s immersive and intense take on Wilde’s late Victorian tale – while vibrant and nuanced, is this a play where less is more? It’s a Saturday night, my red wine is in my hand (what I believe to be a perfect aesthetic representation of what … Read More

‘What If I told You’ review – Blurring the line between audience and participation

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I’ve seen pieces of theatre that have involved audience participation. I’ve heard of pieces of dance that have involved the dancers moving amongst the audience. I’ve even heard of a play that involved the audience being blindfolded and then cuddled for an hour by the actors. But I’ve never before … Read More

Review: Doctor Faustus – An Incoherent Mess

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Doctor Faustus, Marlowe’s original tale of man who sells his soul to the devil for knowledge and power, is widely considered a theatrical classic. However, these days Faustus‘ middle section proves to be a problem for modern theatre makers. Full of references and muddled plots that were meant to entertain the … Read More