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Vigil for lives lost to trans hate

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Students gather to commemorate those killed as a result of transphobic violence and hate. On Monday evening, a group of people (many drenched, some holding lanterns) filled the foyer of the University’s Union to take part in a minute’s silence to remember all of the trans people who have died … Read More

Transforming the Media…

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The Gryphon explores transgender representation in the media and the work that still needs to be done. Before the sixties, few, if any, films had been made about transgender people. However, with the recent release of Hollywood blockbuster, The Danish Girl, various fictional and documentary television shows, and the reality … Read More

It turns out acting is a difficult industry to be yourself in: the attack on trans

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In recent film history, we have seen a major rise in the focus played on transgender roles in movies, with stories of gender reassignment and struggling with gender identity a desirable tale for directors to tell. With this comes praise and criticism alike. The most recent criticism is the discussion … Read More

Comment | The appalling scourge of transphobia

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In the last 12 months, 238 reported murders of trans people have occurred worldwide. Transgender Remembrance Day was stated as a vigil for Rita Hester, a trans woman murdered in Boston in 1998. Transgender people today still face widespread discrimination and though great strides in positive visibility – Sarah Brown, … Read More

For a trans* student, even going to the toilet is a tricky chore

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By Sarah Noble Quick question: do you know where the gender neutral toilet in the union is? It wouldn’t surprise me if you said you didn’t. It’s further along the corridor from the ground floor men’s toilets, by the way. It doesn’t really help trans* students, or indeed any other … Read More

Understanding ‘trans*’

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Steph Muldoon considers what university life in Leeds is like for students who identify as trans*