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The Democrats Gearing To Take Trump On

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November 3rd, 2020 seems like a lifetime away but several prominent Democrats are already eyeing up the next U.S. election and getting themselves ready to run against Republican President Trump. One big-name Democrat has already thrown her hat into the ring but news outlets in the United States are suggesting … Read More

As Things Finally Start to Look Up for the Democrats, a Constitutional Showdown Looms

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The midterm elections have come and gone, and what was once a political side-show marked by comically low voter turnout has been recast as a battle for America’s future, and, crucially, a referendum on the presidency of Donald Trump. Democratic-leaning voters were galvanised by President Trump’s slew of unending scandals, … Read More

Watch, Read, Listen: The US Midterms

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Later today, Tuesday 6th November, the results of the 2018 Midterm elections will be called. Whilst the Midterms aren’t necessarily seen to be such a big deal as presidential elections in the US, this year there seems to be a little more interest sparked after what has possibly been one … Read More

Trump’s Withdrawal Of Mass Destruction

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This week President Trump announced his plans to pull out of the momentous Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. First of all, what does that mean and why is it even significant? Essentially, the INF was a pact made between the USSR and the USA in 1987 signed by the respective … Read More

The US Midterms: What Is The State Of Play With One Week To Go Until Election Day?

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The U.S. midterm elections are a vital, but often overlooked, part of the U.S. democratic process Every two years, one-third of the Senate – the upper chamber of the law-making branch of the government, and the entire House of Representatives – the lower chamber – are re-elected. Together, these two … Read More

The Trump of the Tropics?

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The rise of populism has begun to strain liberal democracy across Western Europe and the United States. Brazil, South America’s largest democratic country, appears, also, to be falling for a populist’s allure. Jair Bolsonaro, a man described as “Trump on steroids”, looks poised to become its next president. Yet, what … Read More

The Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed: Trump’s True Administration or Another Spun-Narrative?

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Last week, a highly critical Opinion Editorial was published in The New York Times. Written anonymously by a senior White House official, it heavily condemned Donald Trump and his leadership style. This is the first time an article critical of the President has been written by someone still working within … Read More

The Cohen Conundrum: Criminal Conspiracy or Partisan Politics?

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The President of the United States has been named as a co-conspirator to federal crimes. Not by tabloids or besmirched rivals, but in a court of law, as a plea accepted by prosecutors and delivered by previous personal lawyer Michael Cohen. It’s the kind of revelation that many have hoped … Read More

New Year, Same Trump: Will 2018 see the US President’s Problems with the EU Reach a Nasty Conclusion?

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Brexit is not the only issue on the plate of officials in Brussels at the moment, as Donald Trump called out the EU over unfair treatment of US exporters just last week. In a characteristically vague style, the US president told ITV in a recent broadcast that the problems he … Read More

Facebook: an Addiction to be Regulated?

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The average UK smoker spends 25 minutes smoking cigarettes a day, and depends on cigarettes to occupy their mind or lift their mood. More worryingly, most UK smokers smoke their first cigarette just 30 minutes after waking up. We are hounded to avoid cigarettes and frequently bombarded with graphic cancerous … Read More