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The Democrats Gearing To Take Trump On

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November 3rd, 2020 seems like a lifetime away but several prominent Democrats are already eyeing up the next U.S. election and getting themselves ready to run against Republican President Trump. One big-name Democrat has already thrown her hat into the ring but news outlets in the United States are suggesting … Read More

Ohio’s Bill 565: The Latest Threat To Women’s Reproductive Rights In The US

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A Bill has been introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives that could dramatically affect the access women have to abortions. House Bill 565 proposes to expand the legislature’s definition of a ‘person’ to include ‘unborn human’. This comes just after Ohio recently passed what is known as the ‘heartbeat … Read More

Advocating For An “Uncivil” Politics

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I’d like to start with the caveat that I don’t know whether opinion journalism is as important as news reporting. In order to have some kind of value, I guess this kind of journalism has to be prescriptive: it has to imply a certain course of action or attitude to … Read More

Why Half Of America Is So Worried About The Notorious RBG

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For liberal Americans, the name Ruth Bader Ginsburg – known affectionately as RBG – is synonymous with everything in which they believe. At 85, she is one of the oldest judges on the Supreme Court of the United States and perhaps the most liberal of all nine of them. For … Read More

Can Trump And The Democrats Work Together?

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Now the midterms are over and the Democrats have regained control of one chamber in Congress, it seems more unlikely than ever that Republican and Democratic divides can be overcome. Just one day after the midterm results became clear, Donald Trump began a tirade of anti-Democrat press releases, including a … Read More

US Midterms: Democrats Rejoice at House Victory

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When America sneezes, the world catches a cold.  This old adage may not be as true as it once was, but in this age of populism and division, the US midterm elections were watched throughout the world. For those of you who did not want to stay up all night … Read More

Trump’s Withdrawal Of Mass Destruction

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This week President Trump announced his plans to pull out of the momentous Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. First of all, what does that mean and why is it even significant? Essentially, the INF was a pact made between the USSR and the USA in 1987 signed by the respective … Read More

The US Midterms: What Is The State Of Play With One Week To Go Until Election Day?

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The U.S. midterm elections are a vital, but often overlooked, part of the U.S. democratic process Every two years, one-third of the Senate – the upper chamber of the law-making branch of the government, and the entire House of Representatives – the lower chamber – are re-elected. Together, these two … Read More

Pariah or Problematic? Azealia Banks vs. Lana Del Rey

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Not for the first time, the ‘212’ rapper Azealia Banks has found herself embroiled in a raging Twitter war. This time it was with ‘Video Games’ songstress Lana Del Rey. The feud started last week when Banks came out to criticize Del Rey’s response to an Instagram post by Kanye … Read More

Has Public Trial by Social Media Killed ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’?

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The recent spate of allegations against celebrities and normal folk alike, as well as the success of the #MeToo movement, have led to what many call a breakthrough on the silence and stigma of sex crimes, especially by offenders who consider themselves untouchable However, with the desire to encourage other … Read More