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Leeds Council Must Ban Cars To Take On Air Pollution

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There was a fantastic article in last week’s Gryphon, outlining the unprecedented level of air pollution found in Leeds. Not only is the air quality in Leeds the third worst in the U.K. It’s also become noteworthy on a European level as one of seven major cities to breach EU-regulated … Read More

Leeds’ Buses Go Contactless

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Leeds buses have moved with the times by accepting contactless payments on their buses. The contactless technology was introduced onto the buses on Thursday 18th of January. The reason behind its introduction was to reduce the time it took people to board buses in the morning. Along with the time saving advantages the new technology … Read More

In The Middle with Embrace

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Remember Embrace? That band from the late nineties and early noughties, possessing choruses with more power than George Bush, the muppet who marred the same era. Chris Martin has regularly noted the band as one of Coldplay’s biggest influences, and the song structure Embrace uniquely embrace (if you’ll pardon the … Read More

Travel | Haworth – A close and cultured day out

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Lovers of literature will be in their element in the West Yorkshire town of Haworth, home to the Brontë sisters. The quaint village is an easy day trip from Leeds reached by jumping on a train to Keighley and the bus (or steam train) to Haworth. The Brontë Parsonage, at … Read More

Student Samaritans stop Mint pickpocket

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A couple on a night out at Mint nightclub foiled a pickpocket, after allegedly confronting him as he stole mobile phones. West Yorkshire Police are appealing for the savvy students to come forward. The pair is believed to have helped stop the theft, with the police hailing them “student Samaritans”. … Read More

Leeds police chief called to resign

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Former Leeds University Union president Jack Straw has warned that the current chief of police in Leeds should be “considering his position”, in response to the Hillsborough review.