Lucy Spraggan wows crowds with an intimate acoustic set at The Warehouse

Almost a decade since she first graced our screens, Lucy Spraggan played an acoustic show at The Warehouse on the 4th of November. With support coming from Billy Lockett, a Northampton-based singer-songwriter, the night was a roaring success. In the intimate set, she took the audience through the story of her career. A showcase highlighting the ups and downs of her journey from the X-Factor stage to her latest album Choices.

In true Lucy Spraggan fashion, she got the audience up and dancing from the very beginning with her first major hit ‘Last Night (Beer Fear)’. Joined on stage by keyboardist Josh Cana, the night was highlighted with fan favourites such as ‘Mountains’ and ‘Lightning’ as well as a cover of the classic ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ by The Proclaimers. The latter being a cover that demonstrated her amazing vocals and musicality.

The hour-long set featured upbeat songs from previous albums such as ‘Lighthouse’ from her first album Join the Club in 2013 and ‘Lucky Stars’ from the 2019 album Today Was A Good Day. Spraggan also performed some of her more stripped-back and emotional songs such as ‘Grown Up’ from the 2017 album I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing and ‘Choices (Don’t Be Afraid)’- this being the title track of the new album. The line-up of danceable, foot-stomping moments contrasted with moving acoustic numbers made for a beautiful set that left crowds with their hands in the air and tears in their eyes. No song made us more emotional than the downtempo and vulnerable ‘Sober’, taken from the 2021 album Choices. A song exploring her decision to stop drinking and become the person she always wanted to be.

Photography by Tom Lee

Between musical numbers, Spraggan candidly detailed her life over the past decade. Speaking of the highs she had achieved, such as getting married, touring the UK, and becoming sober. As well as exploring the lows she has faced: her divorce, her addiction, and the loss of record deals to name a few. Hearing her talk about her stories made for an authentic and truthful night that made the audience love her more.

Spraggan ended the night with four songs from her latest album Choices, released in February 2021. The album is a collection of songs reflecting on her personal struggles over the previous year. Whilst the slower ‘Choices (Don’t Be Afraid)’ and ‘Sober’ showed her vulnerable side; it was clear that ‘Run to The Hills’ and ‘Run’ were the songs to leave the crowd with high spirits and demanding more. Lucy and Josh returned to the stage to perform an encore, the first of their tour. A perfect end to the night; an amazing gig from start to finish.