Ighalo’s Dream Move Comes True

Many Premier League fans will know of Ighalo’s name from his fruitful spell with Watford, with 39 goals in 99 appearances for The Hornets. None, however, would’ve expected the Nigerian striker to return by signing for such an illustrious club as Manchester United. It is apparently a ‘dream move’ for the Nigerian, who swaps China for Old Trafford on a loan deal.

2014: A Year in Sport

2014, like all even years, possessed two of the biggest sporting events, both the Olympic Games and the Men’s World Cup. While the Winter Olympics doesn’t necessarily possess the same appeal as it’s Summer counterpart, this one, held in Sochi, was especially special from a geopolitical point of view, as Russia and Russia’s government would be under the microscope due to recent events between Ukraine and Russia. Meanwhile, the Summer brought an especially exciting World Cup, with Brazil hosting their first World Cup since 1950 – where they were embarrassed by a shock defeat to Uruguay. The decision to hand Brazil the World Cup came under criticism from those inside and out who felt Brazil could have spent the money wiser, with over 5 million in extreme poverty – according to World Bank.

Despedida David: Villa Calls It Quits

Spain’s all-time top international, and World Cup, goalscorer this week has decided to hang up the boots. The 37 year-old had a very illustrious career, playing in Spain, USA, Australia, and Japan. Breaking records in every league he played in. In a quote this week, David Villa described his retirement as, “It’s better to leave football before football leaves me.”