Campus Watch

University of Liverpool spin out company secures £300k to develop indoor air pollution technology CageCapture, a new spin out company at the University of Liverpool has secured a total of £298,754 funding from Innovate UK […]

Merry XRmas

Roadblocks were planned by climate activists Extinction Rebellion to disrupt frantic shoppers this weekend as they partake in the environmentally polluting practice of seasonal consumerism. Andrea Loftus reflects on the unsustainability of the festive season. Christmas […]

Retired Rebels Rise Up

Uncooperative crusties” and “importunate nose-ringed climate protesters” must abandon their “hemp-smelling bivouacs,” PM Boris Johnson has demanded. Johnson turned to dated stereotypes that surround protesters when commenting on Extinction Rebellion’s worldwide demonstrations, exacerbating the already […]

XR: Go forth or back down?

Bob Dylan, when asked what he thought the 1963 March on Washington had achieved, famously replied: absolutely nothing. This was the same march where Martin Luther King gave his iconic ‘I have a dream speech’. […]