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Contra-de-ceptive App? Natural Cycles and the Future of Contraception

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It has been over 50 years since effective contraception was invented. The invention of hormonal contraception brought widespread benefits to women (and men) such as the opportunity for women to control their childbearing, an increase in women pursuing further education and entering the labour market, and an increase in women’s … Read More

Top Tips for Freshers 2018 – Straight Out of the Horse’s Mouth

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Starting university is daunting. No matter how many Netflix programs you watch about ‘starting out uni’ or how many open days you’ve been to, the first day is always going to be highly nerve-wracking and much-anticipated. Chances are, if you’ve grabbed the Gryphon’s freshers edition and reached this page, you’ve … Read More

Rogue Landlords: Essential Tips for Renting as a Student

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Renting privately is often seen as the natural step for students after first-year. It can be an exciting and defining time in a student’s life. House hunting, living with friends and budgeting can give students a strong sense of independence and self-determination, valuable tools for when they finish university and … Read More

The Windrush Scandal: May’s Britain Takes Us Back To The 1950s

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As the Windrush scandal grips every news headline, Britain has been left in utter disbelief that our system has allowed such inhumane treatments to occur. From extreme cases of those denied cancer treatment, to those left homeless as a product of May’s ‘hostile immigration policy’, there is no shortage to … Read More

The Windrush Generation vs. Theresa May

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Recently, a scandal between the Prime Minister and the Caribbean community in Britain has emerged due to the continuation of a hostile environment for those considered illegal immigrants. The current situation has even involved the forced removal of migrants who have lived in the UK for most of their lives. … Read More

Chilling Silence: the British Government and the War in Yemen

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‘The Forgotten War’ has been the title given to the ongoing devastation and bloodshed underway in its third year in Yemen. The chilling silence that has consumed much of the British government regarding the conflict can be evidence in a YouGov poll in 2017 by The Independent which found that … Read More

Could the marginalisation of Rome’s refugees and migrants be set to intensify?

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Palazzo Selam, ‘The Palace of Peace’, is reported as being the largest European refugee ‘ghetto’ and currently houses a 1,000 of Italy’s refugees and migrants. The Palace of Peace is a former administrative building to Rome’s state Tor Vergata University. The historic squat has been in occupation for over ten … Read More

The New Wave of Neo-Colonialism

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The current Oxfam scandal, and the varying array of comments and criticism surrounding it demonstrates in black and white that colonial mentalities still exist towards the developing world. With this in mind, appropriate conduct in crisis zones needs some careful scrutiny. Quite clearly, something is wrong, and the rigour surrounding … Read More

Saudi Arabia: Press Freedom Behind Bars

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As one of the world’s most restricted media domains, the suppression of press freedom in Saudi Arabia is all too common. The controls suggest that the Saudi government aims to suppress and shape its media coverage in order to silence criticisms made in relation to its domestic policies as well … Read More

Yarls Wood: “My Life is in Limbo”

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On the 21st February 2018 over 100 women participated in a hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre over “inhumane” conditions and indefinite detention. Yarl’s Wood is a detention centre for asylum seekers and immigrants who are being held whilst the government wishes to establish their identities or facilitate their … Read More