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Review: The Comedy About a Bank Robbery at Leeds Grand Theatre

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Arts Editor Katherine Corcoran reviews Mischief Theatre’s The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, as it was in its final week last week at Leeds Grand Theatre. Much is to be discussed in our taxi ride home from the opening night showing of The Comedy About a Bank Robbery. I leave … Read More

The FUAM Graduate Art Prize Exhibition 2018

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The FUAM Graduate Art Prize rewards the artistic excellence of graduating students from BA Art and Design and Fine Art at the University of Leeds. Now in its sixth year, the annual exhibition showcases the work of this year’s four finalists, Hannah Marsh, Katie Clark, Beth Windmill, and Tayisiya Shovgelia. … Read More

Pressures of the Industry: Celebrities and the Relationship Between Fame and Mental Illness

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*TW: This article contains discussion of mental illness and suicide* The arts world has a large problem with mental illness; from superheroes to Disney princesses, singers and authors, many celebrities struggle with the trappings of fame. Trying to remain a good role model while pleasing masses and tending to your … Read More

Insolence Makes the Art Grow Stronger: The 50 State Initiative

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Now more than ever, art seems inherently political in an America that is hurtling towards the midterm elections. Across all corners of the American landscape, a series of curious billboards have been erected. In every state, these ambiguous yet politically charged adverts are turning heads in communities as diverse as … Read More

Halloween Weekend Watchlist

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In preparation for Halloween next Wednesday, Matthew Moorey gives a rundown of the best scary films to watch this weekend. It’s getting towards the end of October, autumn is in full swing, which means Halloween is creeping up on us once again. But not everybody enjoys going out in their … Read More

Goodbye to All That? Exhibition: Leeds Library Treasures Gallery

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The Leeds Library Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery is just that, a treasure in the midst of a thriving campus. Developed for the centenary of the armistice in November, the exhibition Goodbye to All That? was curated by Professor Alison Fellalongside PhD researchers Alexander Shaw and Ellis Boyle. The exhibition … Read More

Lucia Nogueira Brought to Light by The Henry Moore Institute

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With such an extensive assortment of independent artistic pieces stored away, it’s a shame that there is only ever enough room for just a portion to be on display at any one time; thankfully, however, a fine compromise with Leeds Art Gallery is that whichever exhibitions are given a chance … Read More

This Article Has Been Censored

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For the past few years, I have been increasingly interested in art. My knowledge of this field used to be very limited, and that is the main reason I decided to pick History of Art for my A-levels. In my first class, our teacher asked us what we thought ‘art’ … Read More

Greig’s Play Europe WIll Make You Reevaluate What Home Means

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Set in a train station without any trains, David Greig’s border-town drama delves into issues of global conflict and local identity. Through the exploration of relationships and borders, those that are new, old, secure and otherwise, contemporary concerns of internal and external displacement are brought to light within Europe and … Read More

Do Art Galleries Cost Too much?

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There is no doubt that public art comes at a price. But when this price leaves you little change from £100 for a family day-out, are we costing young people more than just their creative development and community engagement? Tristram Hunt, director of the V&A, doesn’t seem to think so. … Read More