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Take a look at these trendy tashes

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We’re now well into that month where the Halloween pumpkins have been chucked away, everyone’s discussing the new John Lewis advert and we’re all finding it increasingly hard to get out of bed to brave the cold wintery mornings. But that’s not all November stands for. You may  have noticed … Read More

Frankie’s Fabulous style combo: Outfit of the Week

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The lovely Frankie has kindly gifted us with another one of her famous style combos for this Outfit of the Week, contrasting light grey colours with a bold black coat for a winning look. The Jeans- Warehouse Beginning with the basis of a killer outfit, these jeans bought from Warehouse … Read More

Flare for Fashion?

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Wide leg trousers and flares have always been popular at various points through history, with bell bottoms in the 1970s, bootcut jeans in the late 1990s and now the 2010s showcasing a penchant for flares. For the past decade, we have shunned these cuts in favour for sometimes uncomfortable and … Read More

Outfit of the Week: Sarah Ashford-Brown

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This week’s Outfit of the Week is Sarah Ashford- Brown, giving us her outline of a look to prepare us for the depressing, gloomy walks to come in our trek to Uni through the harsh Northern winds. The Jacket – Columbia, Urban Outfitters  Anyone relatively interested in fashion will have noticed by … Read More

Is High Street Fashion a Bore?

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It seems you can’t walk into any High Street store at the moment without having deja vu – you can walk into Topshop and see nearly an exact array of items a bit later in Zara, and then again in Primark. In recent years, High Street stores have less been … Read More

The High Street’s Top Trios

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Our experience of the high street is ultimately the one thing that keeps drawing us back. It has become a weekly ritual to throw away our hard-earned cash in exchange for the clothes of our dreams (or the nearest alternative that won’t bankrupt us). So, to reflect on the stores … Read More

Trend Alert: Corduroy!

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Bets are that you haven’t been able to walk into a shop, or have a scroll on Asos without coming across a jewel toned item of corduroy. Last winter my friends laughed at me as I text them raving about my brand-new purchase of some navy cord flares. Well who’s … Read More

Fashion in Protest

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Often regarded as an industry that turns a blind eye to sustainability issues, in recent years the fashion world has begun to change. With an increasing demand for fast fashion, however, it’s no wonder the industry that’s responsible for over 50 million tonnes of polyester annually has a bad name. … Read More

Fur Free, Finally…

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In recent years, fur has become more than a fashion statement; it’s become an everyday essential, seen on coats, gilets, hats and more. Where previously real fur was a sign of a luxury garment, our generation is starting to favour a more ethical choice. Real fur is seen as outdated, … Read More

Dive into Dua Lipa’s style file

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Dua Lipa, British singer- songwriter and model, is one of the most stylish celebrity you’ll find. Mixing the most feminine items of clothing with some baggy pieces on tour, at home or on stage, everything works with her body. Dua’s style tells you very clearly that you can wear anything … Read More