The Genius Mind of Kerwin Frost

Entertainer, presenter, journalist, socialite, and fashion icon – Kerwin Frost does it all. Commonly known as the guy with a pencil tattooed on his face, Frost has rose to prominence in the streetwear world, mingling with the likes of Kanye West and Virgil Abloh. His YouTube interview series “Kerwin Frost Talks” has seen Frost chatting fashion with A-List friends and causing havoc at Kardashian Christmas parties. Despite rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, Frost has become an emblem for streetwear in his own right, often polarising the internet with his viral outfits. 

Rising through the fashion world as a DJ, Kerwin Frost has never been shy when it comes to experimenting with fashion. Frost’s roots in the industry formed with collective Spaghetti Boys, which surged in popularity alongside the rise of contemporary brands Off-White and VFILES. Spaghetti Boys and the New York fashion scene circa-2016 led to Frost befriending the likes of Luka Sabbat, Kendall Jenner and Sheck Wes. Amassing thousands of Instagram followers for his outlandish fashion efforts and influence on the contemporary art scene has opened the door for Frost to curate Adidas’ most creative release yet.

Starting with Adidas x Kerwin Frost Superstuffed – a complete left turn from traditional Adidas conventions. The iconic shape of the Adidas Superstar has been sized up on a clownish scale for the brain of Kerwin Frost. Fitting as a normal shoe, the Superstar silhouette has been padded to appear 5 times larger than the size on the box. Selling out almost instantly, the meme worthy sneaker has divided the sneaker community upon reception in August. 

The Superstuffed was just a steppingstone into the rabbit hole of creativity for Frost as he has since compiled a larger collection of clothes and sneakers for Adidas. Unapologetically carefree and childlike, the campaign sees jorts, baggy tees, and a unique colourway of the Adidas Forum Low sneakers modelled by Chicago legend Chief Keef – like, seriously, who’s mind thinks of Chief Keef when picking a model for this shoot? The collection still draws inspiration from the roots of Adidas, with a resurgence of a Run DMC-esque, black and blue Firebird tracksuit in an 80’s waxy finish.

Clashing colours, bold prints and a wig on a trainer is just a glimpse into his eccentric designer mind – something that Adidas supported with no hesitation. Learning to not care, to take risks and to be your most peculiar self with fashion is something that is encompassed within this collaboration. In an age where influencers are infiltrating the fashion space with uncreative, dull, and repetitive brand deals, creatives like Kerwin Frost are the breath of fresh air that are bringing fun back to the industry.