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Architects’ Unexpected Return with ‘Doomsday’

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Architects’ massive 7th album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, was always going to be a difficult one to follow up. It was the band’s most commercially successful release to date, and undeniably the heaviest, most impressive record of their career so far. But after the loss of founding guitarist … Read More

‘Freudian’ by Daniel Caesar

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The second hand on your clock ticks slowly, the setting sun lingers greedily on the horizon, the receding pools of daylight cling to existence; all the while Daniel Caesar’s Freudian spins, plays, reverberates in the background. An album that seems to extend effortlessly into eternity, Freudian barely ever exceeds walking … Read More

‘Bambino’ by Superfood

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As the blue skies over summer begin to fade into the perpetually overcast days we all know and loath, don’t fret, for Superfood are set to release their finest and most self-aware project to-date: their new, immaculate album Bambino. At its core, Bambino represents the new Superfood. Streamlined to just … Read More

All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell by Pvris

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When it comes to being instantly recognisable, there aren’t many bands that can match Pvris, whether that’s in regards to their effortlessly chic black and white aesthetic, or their highly cultivated sound. However, in the three years since the release of their debut album White Noise, the Massachusetts trio have … Read More

‘Love What Survives’ by Mount Kimbie

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Mount Kimbie are returning with their third studio album following 2013’s melancholic ‘Cold Springs Fault Less Youth.’Conceived between London and Los Angeles, the transatlantic ‘Love What Survives’ marks the duo’s movement into more melodic, upbeat territory and strengthens their ties with close friends and long-term collaborators James Blake and King … Read More

‘Rainbow’ by Kesha

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The first line that Kesha sings on ‘Rainbow’ is “I got too many people I got left to prove wrong.” And yet, the album suggests that she knows she owes nothing to anyone – in ‘Hymn’ she asserts “don’t need no forgiveness”, and in ‘Let ‘Em Talk’ she cries out … Read More

Lust For Life by Lana Del Rey

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If Lust for Life’s album cover is anything to go by, it appears Lana Del Rey has finally chirped up after three albums of pensive ballads, downcast beats and sad, sad girls – or so it first appears… There’s a distinct air of something unfamiliar from the opening song, ‘Love’, … Read More

‘Be Nice’ EP by Milk Teeth

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Milk Teeth’s debut album ‘Vile Child’ was an undeniable highlight of 2016’s musical outputs. It was uncompromising and energetic, intelligent and almost alarmingly honest. What their new EP ‘Be Nice’ suggests is that, back then, they’d barely even gotten started. This latest release is a diverse yet cohesive collection, showing … Read More

Live for the Moment by The Sherlocks

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The Sherlocks are not the most distinctive of bands – if I heard one of their songs in public, I’d probably recognise it, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you it’s them – but they definitely have the potential to become more so. Live for the Moment is their … Read More

Flower Boy by Tyler, The Creator

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On his latest album Tyler, the Creator showcases a ridiculous amount of talent as a rapper, lyricist and producer. This is easily one of the finest hip hop albums of the year. For better or worse Tyler, the Creator has always been an individual. Even as a member of the … Read More