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Alt-Rocker Sam Fender Comes to Leeds, 02.11.18

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Newcastle native Sam Fender has had quite the year. Beginning with being named one of BBC Sound of 2018 was only the tip of the iceberg, as the months following saw him tackle almost every festival on the circuit before gearing towards the release of his debut EP on November … Read More

Manchester Orchestra @ Church, 23/10

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Manchester Orchestra have always been a band that defied genre definitions. Indie-rock, definitely, with elements of 00s emo and alternative, yet, the band are considerably more interesting than many of their counterparts in those scenes. With heart wrenching lyrics set amidst typical heavy riffs and drum patterns, Manchester Orchestra erupted … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: The Alternative Fashion Week

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With the majority of the world’s gaze focusing solely on the prestigious fashion weeks held in Milan, Paris, NYC and London, it is very easy for shows in other regions to be overlooked, or perhaps even unheard of. So, here are a few of the silent but equally stylish shows … Read More

In The Middle with The Shimmer Band

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The Shimmer Band are one of the latest bands to emerge on the alternative music scene. Originally from Bristol, their music has been described as a sort of psychedelic rock. On Thursday night, they played Brudenell and The Gryphon got a chance to chat to their lead singer, Tom Newman. … Read More

English Tapas by Sleaford Mods

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I owe a snug 2.1 to Sleaford Mods thanks to their lyrics being the basis of an essay last semester. Their lyrical content in that respect did not slack at all. This pairing of tinny lo-fi beats with Jason Williamson’s scathing spoken-word should not be marketable at all, but everything … Read More

Indie Banquet III @ Hyde Park Book Club, 26/2/17

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Following in the steps of Duke Studios and Wharf Chambers, the plywood basement of Hyde Park Book Club played host to the third in the Indie Banquet series of gigs put on by Pizza for the People. Flanked by food from the Citroen van of Pizza Fella and the Book … Read More

The Alternative Science Digest

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Normally this space is reserved for the weekly digest, updating you on what’s new in science. However, this week we thought we’d reserve the column space for a slightly different meaning to the word digest… This week we’re looking at the weird, and not so wonderful, things that we put … Read More

Swing Society GIAG: Get yourself into the swing of things!

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Ever dreamed of partying it up, Great Gatsby style? Swing Society has it sorted! Say the word ‘swing’ and most people will think of the music genre. Swing music has been around since the late 1920s, and is known for its strong, syncopated rhythm and jazzy feel. Beginning on the dance … Read More

Superfood ‘Don’t Say That’ Album Review

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Having stemmed from the same neck of the woods as other alternative rock outfits Peace and Swim Deep, Superfood have a lot to live up to with their debut album. Don’t Say That brings some fuzzy guitars, drawling vocals and a general fascination with laziness, as well as some pretty … Read More