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Sexual consent campaign gathers momentum in Leeds

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The Gryphon interviewed Amy Cousens about her sexual consent campaign. She is putting forward a proposal to the Leeds City Council to make it mandatory for all clubs and bars in Leeds to put up sexual consent posters, as well as giving staff sexual consent training. Firstly, could you tell me a … Read More

The Turk’s Head: Victoriana revisited

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The one thing I have always thought that was missing from the Leeds nightlife scene is a place that looks like the set for a contemporary Dickens fashion shoot, probably the kind that would be featured in Vogue or Tatler with moody dark lighting and copious amounts of smoky eyeshadow. … Read More

Leeds Freshers’ Guide is giving you a taster of the best bars on offer, to suit any taste and budget…

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The Call Lane Strip, running from the Corn Exchange down to The Calls, is home to some of the best and most popular bars in Leeds – the true home of the Leeds Bar Crawl. Particularly worthy of mention here are Brooklyn Bar (sleek New York decor, funk, soul, R&B … Read More

Union sales plummet

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The Union’s financial surplus has fallen by more than 98 per cent. Despite being a not for profit organisation, it aims to make a surplus each year. In 2011 this sum was £28,159, but in 2012 it fell to under £500. Speaking at the Union’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on … Read More