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Subdub Lives up to the Hype

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Despite two years of living in Leeds, I’ve never been to SubDub. I know for some that this is akin to living in Venice and never going to St Mark’s Square, or living in Paris and never going to the Louvre. When I’m comparing SubDub to these cultural hotspots, I’m … Read More

Lengoland: How the internet saved Bassline

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Spend enough time in a student city, and you’ll encounter bassline in one form or another, be it in the second room to a more prominent genre such as drum and bass, mixed into midweek garage nights, or blasting from the speakers of halls in the early hours. Bassline seems … Read More

Preview: Twilite w/ Ill Phil

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    Twilite Who: Ill Phil, Jamie Duggan, Milner/Wilko Where: Stinky’s Peephouse When: Saturday 16th February Price: £5 Run by Sheffielder and niche pioneer Jamie Duggan, Twilite was formerly a great bassline/speed garage night, but since its successful rebirth last Summer it’s been pushing the fresh and exciting sounds of … Read More

Local Talent: Nick Hannam

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Local Talent is a new feature for Leeds Student this year, bringing attention to some of the most exciting new artists the city has to offer… A wave of new Leeds-based producers have been coming through lately as part of the burgeoning jackin house scene, which has largely filled the … Read More